The Top 10 Romantic Movies In the Last 20 Years

Mar 15, 2001

The Bottom Line My favorite romantic movies, I picked them because of how they made me feel, not how many oscars they won or how much critics raved about them. Hope you like!

A gentle caress, a mutual understanding, a chance meeting. All these have one thing in common: romance. When I saw this category I knew I had to write about what I find to be some of the most romantic movies. I know there are a lot of romantic movies from the forties but I decided to stick with those that have come out since 1980 since those are the ones I know the best and can make the most references to.

When Harry Met Sally- Their journey begins when they are forced to drive across the country together to begin their new lives in the busy New York City. Harry is a cynical, presumptious male and Sally is a naive, extremely picky woman. Over the years they meet over and over till finally they become friends. This movie has funny dialogue, warm and vibrant characters and a realism that brings it leagues above other movies of this type.

While You Were Sleeping- Lonely Lucy spends her days pining over a man she has never met while working at her dead end job taking tokens for local transportation. Due to some ironic circumstances she is mistaken for his fiance when he falls and she saves his life. Yet, once she meets the family she realizes she really loves the brother, Jack Whimsical, humorous and sweet this tale is a great date movie featuring the lovable Sandra Bullock.

Ghost- Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze star in this romantic tale about a man murdered who is trapped in this world. He must find the murderer and protect the woman he loves. This movie combines humor and romance for a tale that is sure to please almost any movie fan.

Dirty Dancing- An unexpected blockbuster when it was released, this movie has all the romantic moments a women could dream of. Dancing, cabins, romantic music and a variety of other elements makes this movie romantic and fun.

City of Angels- This movie is unbelievably romantic and the whole concept of an angel falling to earth to be with a mortal is very intoxicating. The performance in this movie were exceptional and the music really enhanced the emotion of the movie.

Frankie and Johnny- This movie starring Michelle Pfieffer and Al Pacino is a nice realistic romance about two people who are afraid to get hurt again. The genuine emotion and everyday situation really add a lot to this story.

Pretty Woman- A modern day Cinderella story, this movie had the knight in shining armor, the gorgeous hooker in distress and a fairy tale ending. I have always enjoyed this movie and think the ending is romantic to this day.

Before Sunrise- Two young adults meet on a train going across Europe and have one wonderful night together in the town of Vienna. Wonderful, insightful conversations, chemistry and passion ignite in this story that examines the human spirit. This stars Ethan Hawke and Julia Delpy.

Dying Young- A woman falls in love with her patient in this touching story about love and loss. This movie has exceptional music, convincing characters and a beautiful ending.

It Could Happen To You- Cop tips waitress a million dollars. Wife gets really mad. The cop and waitress fall in love. Its sweet, simple and effective. Enough said!

All these movies are my personal favorites when it comes to romantic movies. I can relate to them and they make me feel good when I watch them. Granted, Gone With The Wind and movie of such grand production are better movies but these movies just move me personally.

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