The washer that needs a babysitter

Jul 29, 2003 (Updated Jul 31, 2003)
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Pros:Compact, no hookups required, low energy use

Cons:Requires manual filling for wash AND rinse, requires moving clothes to spin

The Bottom Line: Good if you are very short on space. Not a good value for the money at all.

Got this yesterday, and somewhat disappointed. I assumed it would act like every other washer I have seen, i.e. more or less fully automatic. I was wrong. Here is the process:

1. Hook up hose to sink
2. Put in clothes, detergent.
3. Turn on sink to fill up washer. Wait until it gets to the fill line. Turn off sink. It does have an overflow drain so that if you leave it it won't result in household disaster.
4. Turn on wash timer.
5. Switch drain switch to drain washer.
6. Turn on sink to fill up washer to rinse. Turn on wash timer to rinse out.
7. Turn on drain switch again.
8. Move clothes from washer to centrifuge and hit spin timer. This part I expected from what I read about it on the web. The centrifuge is kind of cool, gets clothes much dryer than an ordinary washer would.

So it's kind of a pain to use. I imagine I'll get used to it and there really wasn't any other option for the space we had, but this thing is BASIC.

Update - I found out from a comment (Thanks!) that Kenmore makes a fully automatic compact washer. Aaargh! Oh well - this one is quite a bit cheaper than the Kenmore (~$290 compared to the at least $500), but I still don't recommend it.

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