Early 90's Old School Techno/ Rave Singles

Mar 15, 2001

The Bottom Line This is a top ten list of techno songs from early 90's Los Angeles raves.

During the early 90's I had many memorable experiences raving in Los Angeles. The raves were amazing, from 10,000 people at the Morongo Indian reservation to a couple thousand person warehouse parties in downtown (Casa, 14th & Central.) Although, I love the different genres of electronica, old school, early 90's techno echos the best times I had raving in L.A.

Early 90's techno has a distinct sound from other techno. It's high energy, lots of sampling, and mixes breakbeats with hardbeats. It's unlike Detroit Techno, Happy Hardcore, or the newer breed of techno from Crystal Method or Chemical Brothers (all which I like.)

Since the early 90's, I haven't heard any other techno quite like it, so in my mind it's stored in a time capsule when raving was a novel experience, the kool-aid was spiked with this new substance that made everyone feel good, and the music kicked with an infectious, digital beat.

This is a top ten list of techno songs from that era, a decade ago.

Acen - Close your Eyes (FJR 1992)
I remember a rave called "Overdose" that promoters passed out cassette tapes of techno songs instead of flyers. This song was on it. Close Your Eyes starts out with this beep beep beep then kicks in with a heavy breakbeat. It has the sample "Just close your eyes, forget your name, forget the world....Overdose - drop the bass"

Sonz of a Loop de Loop Era - Far Out (Suburban Base Records 1992)
Mixes scratching with a fast paced piano lick and breakbeat. It's a feel good song, that made the crowd dance in celebration. Contains the sample "that kids gonna be far out."

Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Hypnotic 1991)
Slowest of the group, moody, with whispering female vocals. It was the song that was played right after peaking. A fluttering melody intertwines with a light breakbeat. The type of song you wanted to put your head in a bass bin to float away with.

Channel X - Rave the Rhythm (Beat Box 1991)
Fuses an electronic, modulating hum with a solid hard beat. Mix in some spacey laser sounds and a percussion build-up this made the crowd pump and writhe in estacy. Sample is "I don't know about you, but I feel alright."

Channel X - A Million Colours (Beat Box 1992)
"Get ready for a rave" the songs starts out. Has a furious, techno choir of voices. Some diesel engine idling sounds break into a rapid beat that seems to rewind itself every 3rd & 4th count. Another high energy rave tune.

Two Bad Mice - Bombscare (Sm:)e 1992)
When this song first came out, everyone would cheer when it got played. It's got a tight drum n bass foundation with a fun electronic rhythm that neo breakdancers and bubble gum ravers loved.

Praga Khan - Injected with a Poison remix (Profile 1992)
Another high energy, break beat track, roaring synth and diva vocals telling us to "Free your body, I'm in estasy." There are some good remixes of this song that are better than the original. Check out the Space Frog and Prodigy Mixes.

Moby - Next is the E
Moby - Go
(Instict 1991)

These two songs by the now famous Moby are rave classics. They are more than just feel good, dance your brains out tracks. Go has a deep electronic violin rhythm with some very danceable beats.
Next is the E is more lively with quick percussion. A serious piano sample and the yearning female vocals give this song a deepness not often found in electronic music. I guess that's why Moby has remained and succeeded in the music industry. These are my favorite songs from Moby and they are almost ten years old.

Prodigy - Charlie
Another electronica artist with mainstream success. Has the hard edged Prodigy sounds like banging things from the trash yard, but also has a dark breakbeat. What makes this song fun, is the "Meow Meow" and "Charlie says always tell your mummy before you're going some where" samples

Bizarre Inc. - Playing with Knives (Vinyl Solution 1991)
Piano based breakbeat song with full lung vocals weaves into "Alright, Yah" samples. Shows the mix of using piano with a solid beat, somewhere between house and techno, light & heavy, but feels so good.

Honorable Mentions:
Church of Extacy - Pray for Acid
Ace the Space - 9 is a Classic
808 State - Cubic
Orbital - Chime
Fierce Ruling Diva - Rubb it In
Human Resource - Dominator
NRG - Never Lost His Hardcore

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