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Re: Very insightful!
by happy2000usa
Hi Nono! No, this doesn't replace Zonealarm as it's not a firewall. Nor it is antivirus. It does do the majority of tasks done by Clean Sweep. This is the second line of protection meant to baffle someone who gains access to your computer, protecting your files and programs.

Aug 17, 2003
6:46 am PDT

Very insightful!
by auntnono
I always feel so much smarter after one of your program reviews!
Does this program co-exist with other utility programs or is it a replacement? I currently run ZoneAlarm, Norton Anti-Virus and CleanSweep.
Good to have you writing again. I put my writing hat in the closet, but do still visit.
Aug 16, 2003
9:21 am PDT