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Sep 4, 2003
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Pros:Great isolation, good sound, comfortable

Cons:Had to tweak the equalizer to get the sound I wanted.

The Bottom Line: Kind of expensive but once you get everything tweaked they sound great.

I replaced my aging Sony headphones with this model after doing a lot of research. I wanted a "traditional" headphone that would isolate me from the surrounding noise and be very comfortable to wear.

I am using these mainly for my computer gaming so I want comfort and clear sound. I am sensitive to good sound but far from an audiophile. I am using my mainboards Nforce2 sound chip so I'm not expecting perfect reproduction of classical music but I do want to hear the enemy's footsteps in the heat of battle.

One of my chief complaints on my older Sony headphones is that the ear cup is not very deep and my outer earlobe rubs the inner part of the driver. This causes a headache after a while (and no I do not have Dumbo ears). These new headphones are much deeper and apparently the driver is positioned to feed the sound directly into the ear canal (it is offset at the appropriate angle). I found these headphones to be VERY comfortable, if not a bit bulky.
The Bose Triport were much lighter but also 50% more expensive.

I found the sound to be a little muddy but by adjusting my equalizer just a bit I got the tone that I like. There is no problem delivering volume; I have been very pleased with the level of sound (and the clarity at higher levels).

I haven't tried these on any portable devices but I would think they would have problems driving the large magnets. These were not designed to be worn while working out or any kind of mobile activity. For sitting in front of a computer and fragging your enemies, they are great.


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