Salem Roanoke Knights Inn

Salem Roanoke Knights Inn

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Knights Inn Salem: When All You Need Is A Good Night's Sleep

Sep 6, 2003 (Updated Jan 28, 2004)
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Pros:clean, inexpensive, convenient

Cons:don't expect luxurious accommodations

The Bottom Line: While I wouldn't plan to stay here, it's not bad for a place to pull off the road for the night.

I've been reading hotel reviews on epinions for close to three years now. Something that always makes me scratch my head and wonder "Just where is that reviewer coming from?" is when the reviewer stays at a budget hotel and expects accommodations that rival a Ritz-Carlton.

The Knights Inn located in Salem, Virginia is not a Ritz-Carlton. It's a budget motel. You park your car right outside of your motel room. The operative word here is that *you* park your car right outside of your hotel room. There is no valet parking.

The "lobby" is the first room after you enter the parking lot. There are a couple of parking places right outside of the lobby. Inside, you will find a few of those advertising brochures for local attractions and an employee who will assist you in checking into and out of your room. There are no uniformed bellboys to open the door to the lobby for you when you enter.

There are no interior corridors at the Knights Inn so you open the door to your room straight from the parking lot. There are no bellboys to carry your luggage into the room and stick out their hands to receive a tip for their services. It's a one story complex with 66 rooms so there are no stairs to climb. It's not a large motel.

There are no fancy workout facilities or dining rooms. There is no all important continental breakfast. Since I'm speaking about continental breakfasts, let's get something straight - just because a hotel offers a breakfast (continental or otherwise), it doesn't mean that the cost of said breakfast is included in your room rate! As previously stated, there is no breakfast of any type offered at the Knights Inn in Salem. There is a mini-fridge and a microwave in your room so you can fix your own breakfast if you desire. There is no coffee maker. If you need coffee that is not microwaved, there are at least five restaurants (including a Shoneys) within one miles of the hotel.

What is important as far as I'm concerned are the following five factors:

1. Is it safe?

Yes. I felt comfortable here. The motel is well lighted. There were adequate locks on the door.

2. Is it quiet?

Yes. We heard no road noise at all coming from nearby I-81. We did not hear any airplane noise from the Roanoke Airport which is 8 or 9 miles away from the hotel. We did not hear any trucks at the hotel although they do have dedicated parking spots for trucks.

3. Was it clean?

Yes. The bathroom was shining although we could easily see its age. Mold was nowhere to be seen although there was a small leak in the bathtub's faucet. There wasn't even any dust that we could see. I did not try a white glove test on top of the closet shelving or behind the toilet.

4. Is it overpriced?

For $45, at 2 am, I'm not picky. We checked into the next to last vacant room and I don't feel that any price gouging took place. Even if it had been earlier in the evening, I don't think that $45 is out of line.

5. Did I sleep well?

Yes. The beds were comfortable with mattresses that weren't lumpy or hard as bricks. The linens were not scratchy and were quite soft. The blankets appeared to be fairly new in a thick, brown acrylic. There were no cigarette burns in the green patterned bedspreads. The pillows were thick and fluffy. The air conditioning was functioning but didn't overly cool the room. No matter how tired I am, if the bed is uncomfortable, I'll wake up throughout the night. I slept straight through until 9:30 in the morning.

As for the unimportant stuff, there are supposedly business facilities. I know nothing about them and didn't see them. There's no pool. There is a nearby golf course. I didn't go there and don't know anything about it. There's cable tv in the rooms. I didn't turn on the television so I don't know which channels are available. Pets are allowed but I didn't bring my miniature schnauzer so I don't know anything about the regulations concerning animals. The toilet paper did what it was supposed to do and didn't scratch my behind.

Knight Inn Salem/Roanoke
301 Wildwood Road (I-81 - Exit 137)
Salem, Virginia 21453
Telephone (800) 418-8977

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