The Underbelly of Capitalism

Feb 28, 2001 (Updated Mar 29, 2001)
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Pros:Equality for all

Cons:Socioeconomic Division

The Bottom Line: Whether you believe in the concept of communism or not, it is important to educate oneself. This book is a remarkable piece of literature.

There are a few truths that even diehard capitalists cannot refute. Simply, there are 45 million people in the US who suffer the indignity of being without health care. That's a staggering figure to attempt to comprehend. The old suffer because they cannot obtain the most basic of
medicine. There are people suffering from AIDS who cannot afford life sustaining treatment and pills. This is a crime, an injustice. Capitalism supposedly gives all people a chance to fulfill their dream. That is a sham. A mere ten percent controls ninety percent of the capital. That leaves ninety percent of the people to share ten percent of the capital. How can that make any sense to anyone? The divide between the poor and the wealthy continues to increase. So what's the solution, you ask? Well, that's where communism makes all the sense in the world. It's an ugly word because secondary curriculum continues to teach the many pros of capitalism. Nobody ever learns about it's underbelly. Question what you've been taught. Imagine, the possiblities- of teachers and firemen making just as much as doctors and lawyers. Crazy, you say. Well, why not. Teachers deserve six figure salaries just as much as doctors do. It's not so
crazy... those 45 million as citizens of the United States and members of the human race deserve free health care.

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