JCPenney Solid Color Bath Towel

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A durable and soft after bath experience...JcPenney Solid Color Bath Towel

Sep 5, 2003 (Updated Sep 5, 2003)
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Pros:quality, durable

Cons:expensive without sale

The Bottom Line: A wonderful towel, if you can catch them on sale.

When I first moved into an apartment some years ago, I decided to decorate my bathroom in the stars, sun, and moon motif. Most of this stuff that I bought came in a navy color, thus I found myself looking for quality towels in the same color. My new shower curtain was navy and yellow, so I figured I would try and look for either color.

I immediately headed to JcPenney’s, because I have always had luck with there bathroom products and they were having a home sale. I was not surprised to discover that they carried their JcPenney Solid Color Bath Towels in both Classic Navy and Lemon Drop. I was not sure what color to get, so I grabbed a few of each color and made my way to the register. I figured that I could switch between the colors when it was time to wash them. I also picked up a few hand towels to match the towels.

These JcPenney Solid Color Bath Towels are made of a cotton terry material and are 27x52” in size. I found this more than enough to cover my frame if I decided to walk out of the bathroom with just a towel on. JcPenney states that these towels are made extra strong with lock-stitched hems and woven selvage side hems to resist fraying.

For the most part, this claim seems to be absolutely on target. I have had the first batch of towels about four years now and they truly look good. Of course they do not look brand new, but they definitely look good for having four years of use to them. None of the edges of the towels have begun to fray, so I can say that I have been truly satisfied with these towels. They are thicker than most towels that I had come to know and they will dry your body with one swipe.

~ Colors Available ~
Blue Haze
Classic Navy
Cool White
Dark Wine
French Blue
Lemon Drop
Pine Green
Pink Blush
Plum Wine
Purple Heather
Rich Purple
Slate Green
Smoke Blue
Sweet Lavender
True Red

~ Also Available ~
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~*~ My Thoughts ~*~
These JcPenney Solid Color Bath Towels are a part of JcPenney’s Home Expression line of bath products. Upon arriving home with my new towels, I immediately hung a towel up in my bathroom. The Classic Navy towel went perfectly with my shower curtain. I put the others away to be used later on, but did compare the Lemon Drop color to the yellow color in my shower curtain. It was not a perfect match, but I thought it would be closer than anything else I would later find.

When I originally went shopping for these towels, they were only to be used to hang on the bar, not to shower with. I had thought I had already bought other towels to use for showering, but I could not find them upon unpacking. I did however find the JcPenney Solid Color Tub Mat that my mother had bought for me after I decided on my motif.

So I ended up back at JcPenney’s, to find some other blue towels to use for showering. I ended up with the JcPenney Solid Color Bath Towels, in Smoke Blue. And, some of the JcPenney Solid Color Big Towels. They are the same exact thing, except bigger. I’m not a large person, so didn’t really need to spend the extra money on the larger towel, but I just liked the fact that I could totally wrap myself in it and not have to worry about anything hanging out.

I think that JcPenney, more often than not, has these towels on sale. Through various home sales and overall store sales, you can be almost sure to find these towels at a discounted price. Sometimes they have percentages off, but you can also find these towels at the price that I found them at. Every so often they have a doorbuster sale where you can buy a product, and then get another of the same for $.88 or $1. This is how I bought my towels and that is truly a great deal. At around $4.50 for a towel, you can’t beat it. They also frequently have them on sale through the catalog and online at But if you don’t catch a sale, they can become quite expensive at $7.99 a towel.

As you can see, I have been extremely satisfied with the JcPenney, bath products that I have purchased so far and I definitely highly recommend them for their quality and durability. And for the price, if you can catch them on sale!

* Made in USA.

* You can also choose to have these towels monogrammed.

* From the JcPenney Site: In a recent Good Housekeeping Institute test, the JcPenney towel matched the Land’s End towel on just about every test – at half the price.

~ Happy Washing!


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