Top five Silly Comedies

Mar 21, 2001

The Bottom Line These movies are great for a rainy day to cheer you up, I recommend them all, I hope you enjoy them.

Here is a list for you all, these are not the best movies ever made nor are they the worst, these are movies that are so bad, so silly, or so ridiculous that they are great in their own way, so here goes, "The So Stupid its Funny list" I hope you enjoy.

1) “Better off Dead” This movie features a young John Cusack as Wayne Meyers a high school student who has recently broken up with his girlfriend who he seems to have been quite obsessed with. The Characters in this film are all hilarious including our hero’s parents, brother, and Crazy Neighbors who are hosting a foreign exchange student from France in their home who ends up as the new love interest of Cusacks Character later in the film. Another interesting player is Wayne’s friend that is obsessed with Drugs, although he can not find any in their small California suburb, so he has to settle for snorting Jell-O, and snow from the local ski resort. Anyway, this is one of those crazy 1980’s teen movies they do not seem to make anymore, or maybe they make them, but its not the same when you are not a kid to really appreciate them anymore.

2) “One Crazy Summer” Another Cusack film, and almost a continuation of “Better Off Dead” Demi Moore is also in this film as a rock singer and Cusack's love interest, similar crazy characters as in Better off dead such as the uncle of one of Cusack's friends who is obsessed with winning a radio contest that he waits for all summer long. John Cusack made some great movies in the 80’s what a guy.

3) “Pee Wees Big Adventure” A weird movie with a weird star. There is some very funny stuff in this film, which is a road movie where Peewee is trying to recover his stolen bike, which he learns, is at the Alamo in Texas. The characters in this movie are very funny, Its definitely into eh category of “so stupid its funny” but since that is what people are into these days, with shows on TV like Jackass and the Tom Green Show which I do find amusing, that’s not a big deal.

4) “Dead Man on Campus” This was the closest thing I have seen in a long time that resembled one of the 80’s so stupid its funny movies. This movie takes place on a college campus where two roommates find out that they will fail out next semester because they were too busy partying and having a good time to study, and they need some drastic solutions. The solution is that there is written in the school rules that if someone’s roommate commits suicide the living roommate gets gets automatic straight A’s because how could they expect to study with such a traumatic event happening. The two roommates decide what they need to do is get another roommate that is so unstable that they will be able to easily drive him to suicide, and therefore get straight A’s. It turns out harder than they thought, and a good thing too, because that would have made for a pretty morbid movie with all the deaths. The roommates they try to get turn out to be the funniest part of the movie, and it the comedy heats up. This movie is almost too stupid to be funny, but for me it was at least a bit amusing.

5) “Airplane” I have seen this movie so many times, and every time I see it I still laugh. This film would end up on my all time favorite comedies list too, but since some of the dialogue is so ridiculous, it earns a position on the so stupid its funny list too.

Honorable Mentions

“Naked Gun” Series, although that belongs more on straight comedies.

“So I married an Axe Murderer” Great comedy, pretty silly at times, will be on my all time great comedy list.

I hope you enjoyed my opinion, please feel free to let me know what you think, you can comment below, or e-mail me. I hope you enjoyed my opinion, please feel free to let me know what you think, you can comment below, or e-mail me.

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