Weber Stainless Steel Torch

Weber Stainless Steel Torch

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Fabulous Way to Light The Path...

Sep 28, 2003
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Pros:Beautiful addition to the backyard--looks wonderful and adjustable to different heighths.


The Bottom Line: Need a gift for someone who LOVES to BBQ? This would be a great addition to his/her backyard!

Weber makes great products. When I needed to recommend some outdoor products for the rental facility I now work at I immediately thought I’d better be sure to get the best—my reputation was on the line! We needed outdoor lighting that was portable—Weber Torches were perfect.

They come in several finishes with Stainless Steel being a bit pricier, but more durable for our application. They look great and are a wonderful addition to our facility. I’m still being congratulated on how great they look! The other finished are black or bronze.

When you receive them, you’ll have to do a bit of assembly. You only need a hammer and a lock of wood to assemble them. There are two fluted posts, one base post, one ground post, the torch holder, and torch body with attached snuffer cap. These torches are held in place by stakes—using the hammer and block of wood, you pound the ground post about 6” into the ground. That’s the hardest part—the rest is just adding the base post and then as many fluted posts as you desire (from 2’ to 6’—consider your audience and choose wisely. If need be, you can always douse it and put in or take out sections to reposition it). The more posts, the higher the torch. When you’ve reached the desired height, add the wire torch holder and then fill the torch body with fuel (up to ” below the top of the torch). Add the wick and let it soak up fuel (plan ahead, you’ll need to give it 2-3 hours of soaking). Put the body into the wire holder and you’re done! When it is time to light it, remove the snuffer cap and light—that’s it!

The bowl is huge! It measures 9-1/2” x 9-1/2” x 7” and hold one gallon of fuel—enough for the entire night with no refilling. We’ve had them last about 20 hours without refilling—the length depends on the wind—if it works hard to stay lit it uses more fuel. The bowl does get really hot—don’t try to remove it until it’s cooled.

For maximum effect, you’ll need more than one. We have about 30 in our commercial application—most to light the pathway, but a few that are at different heights to illuminate a water feature. They’re fabulous and look great. With the stainless steel exterior, we expect them to last for years!

Only use these OUTDOORS
Only use commercially manufactured torch fuels and follow directions for use and storage.
Never use near combustible materials.
Don’t try to blow them out—use the attached snuffer cap.

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