Foldaway Elliptical Strider

Foldaway Elliptical Strider

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Foldaway Elliptical Strider: A Big Surprise

Oct 20, 2003
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Pros:Good workout, portable, surprising in many senses

Cons:Could breakdown quickly

The Bottom Line: A very good piece of equipment for under $200.00

When my fiance showed up with an elliptical strider from Sharper Image I almost fell over. Why in the world would she waste her hard earned money on something so useless and silly? What will we do with a strider? What good will it do?

I was, quite frankly, shocked by what I found. We have a ton of different work out machines and objects that we both use frequently. I tend to stick to the stationary bike or run for my aerobic workouts. My fiance prefers to get a more diversified workout and utilizes the bike and now, the strider.

What is the strider? Well, it is a arm pit high machine that consists of two foot pads, two rowing type arm handles, and a console that allows you to track all the pertinent information that you may follow while working out. The machine weighs 44 pounds and- as the name implies- can be folded away and hidden under the bed.

The folding option is a great touch as most other workout machines are not so mobile. You can easily hide this under your bed or in a closet. But, most importantly, does it provide a good workout?

The answer, surprisingly, is yes. My initial assumption was that it would be too flimsy for me to be able to really bust my butt. I mean heck, the thing is supported by a base that is just 28" by 18" and weighs so little. Image my surprise when I put my feet in the foot pads and began to row and step and got the feeling that I was on a fitness center quality machine. The Strider is that sturdy and that was my first surprise.

Even more surprisingly, I was able to go as hard as I could and get a heck of a workout. Can you get moving as well and as smoothly as on one of the fitness center elliptical machines? No. Can you get a very good workout? Yes. The machine works on a resistance basis and you can make the workout as difficult as you want from that perspective, or from the perspective of working as fast and hard as you want. By doing so you will be working you calves, thighs, buttocks, hips and arms.

You are also able to monitor your vitals. The handles have a sensor that monitors you heart rate, elapsed time, steps taken, and calories burned. I am happy with all of the LCD functions (Two AAA batteries) with the exception of the calories burned option. But this is nothing to be held against this machine as it seems to me that no company has figured out how to count calories. At any rate, the sensors do a good job of measuring what you would expect them to measure.

A final surprise for me was how comfortable the Elleptical Strider is. For something that truly does not consist of much and would leave you to believe that it was not safe enough to hop onto, the Strider is very comfortable. The seats are cushioned and the handle bars are as well. The foot pedals fit your foot well and the Strider tends to promote a good posture.

What do I not like? Nothing at this point. My concern is that this could breakdown fairly quickly since there are a lot of moving parts and you will be putting it together yourself- a breeze as the directions are easy to follow and parts minimal. I mentioned that I surprised by how sturdy the Strider is and that leads me to believe that it is well made. My concern is that something that is always in motion has a good chance of breaking down. Thankfully, you can purchase two or three year replacement coverage. The two year costs around $20 and the three year is $30. We purchased this as a safeguard. A final note of caution: The Strider is for those who are less than 200 pounds.

I highly recommend the Foldaway Elliptical Strider to anyone looking to get in shape or as an alternative to the bike/treadmill/elliptical/etc. We have been very pleased for the two months that we have owned the Strider. Not only is it more functional than I expected, but it also provides a quality of workout that I never expected.

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