Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Toilet Wipes

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Scrub and Flush

Oct 24, 2003
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Pros:Just wipe and flush, nice odor, convenient, affordably priced

Cons:Tear easily.

The Bottom Line: This is a good product and I would recommend it to others. It's one of the few products that is true to it's advertising.

The Product

Flushable Toilet Wipes by Scrubbing Bubbles are handy wet wipes soaked in Scrubbing Bubbles. They are a little bigger than tissue size, and you use them to clean the outside of the toilet. If you use Scrubbing Bubbles aerosol cleaner you will like these.

The Package

Flushable toilet wipes come in a resealable package. The package isn't made of a hard material like baby butt wipers. It's more like a cellophane/light plastic package. It's a flat package which is approximately 10" long, 4 1/2" wide, and 1" deep. The package is sealed on both ends and on the top (flat surface) is a sticky tab that you peel back to open.

What's Printed On The Package

On the front of the package is the cute little Scrubbing Bubbles brush. It says, "Flushable Toilet Wipes by Scrubbing Bubbles." Also on the front is a small caution statement. Directly under the caution is printed "28 Pre-moistened Wipes." (I wonder why it's not 30 wipes.) On the front is also printed "Just Wipe and Flush the Mess Away!"

On the back there are two small pictures. One is of a disintegrating Flushable Toilet Wipe, and the other is of disintegrating toilet paper. It says, "Safe for Your Plumbing!" above the pictures. Next to the pictures, it explains how these wipes disperse in water when agitated and how safe they are for your plumbing.

Also on the back are instructions on how to open the package, a warning to not use for personal hygiene, a caution statement which says, "Causes eye irritation, a First Aid To Eyes statement, usage directions, and where to call or write if you have questions or comments.

Usage Directions

The usage directions are simple. You just open the package and pull out a wipe, use it, and flush it. These directions tell you what part of the toilet you can clean with them, which is the seat, rim, tank, and outside of bowl. These were not intended to use to clean the inside of the bowl.


There are handy little wipes to have on hand in the bathroom. You just open the package, as directed, being careful to keep the sticky portion dry as the package may not reseal if it gets wet.

Be very careful as you remove the wipe from the package. The wipes are made of a thin material, not much thicker than a good tissue. If you pull the wipe out too hard it will rip.

Just use them to wipe the toilet and then flush it. I wouldn't recommend flushing if your flush pressure isn't that great. I have great flush pressure and they go down easily.

They have a pleasant odor, which is a fresh, clean smell. They are very easy to use and dispose of. They leave the toilet shiny and clean, not dull. There is no rinsing involved, either. Wipe and Flush, just like the front of the package says. I think they are very convenient. I keep a package close to the toilet. Just be sure to reseal the package as directed or they will become dried out.

Normally $3.60 for a package of 28 wipes. I purchased the last two packages on sale. 2/$5.00

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