What you should know about Neutrogena

Mar 27, 2001

The Bottom Line Overall, Neutrogena is a small company with big ideas. The products are superior quality at an affordable price, and it well worth it to try it out.

I have been working for Neutrogena as a Consumer Affairs representative for three years. My family has been working there for 15 years, so I have been using their products consistently for 15 years.

First of all, one of the most common questions about our products is whether or not we test on animals. The answer is no. About 15 years ago we did test on animals. The CEO of the company, now retired, went down to our Research and Development labs and told the scientists that he was going to do to himself anything they did to the animals. They put soap in a rabbit's eyes to see the effect, so Lloyd put the same soap in his own eyes. After that Neutrogena stopped testing on animals completely. Since Johnson and Johnson bought the company five years ago, they have released a disclaimer that says J&J is not excluding the possibility of ever testing on animals in the future. In other words, they aren't doing it now but they might start at any time. I don't know if they ever will, but so far it has been five years with no changes.

You should know that all Neutrogena products are dermatologist tested and are all non-comedogenic. That means they won't clog your pores. That includes the sun care line, skin care, cosmetics, cleansers, shower care, and hair care. Every product Neutrogena makes.

Neutrogena's best sellers have historically been shower care products and moisturizers, with acne care products close behind. I use all of these on a daily basis and there are very few I don't like.

Neutrogena has excellent customer service. All it takes is a simple phone call or letter to receive a full refund or product exchange if you have any troubles at all, and you will never be waiting on the phone for a representative during our business hours. Call the 800 number if you ever have a concern or question, or even a suggestion.

If you can't find a product in your area, the company will refer you to an online site that sells our products--www.planetrx.com and www.drugstore.com. Neutrogena can be found in major shopping chains like Wal-Mart, K-mart, and Target, and also in many grocery stores. It can also usually be found in Walgreens, Woolworths, Drug Emporiums, Rite Aids, etc.

Overall, Neutrogena is a small company with big ideas. The products are superior quality at an affordable price, and you shouldn't have any problems.

Also visit the newly relaunched website, www.neutrogena.com for health and beauty advice, product information, special offers, how-to's, and much more!

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