Crisp sound and great imaging

Nov 9, 2003
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It looks like someone put some clever engineering into this design and found a way to build it cheap. The stereo imaging is excellent because the 2" drivers are almost point sources. They put out a lot more detail than my $50 Labtec subwoofer system. I can almost use them like headphones to test MP3s, etc. for clarity.

The 3" subwoofer may seem like a joke but it's decent as long as you don't need a room full of bass. It's rated down to 38hz and seems to live up to it. Be sure to put it on the floor and try different locations. The bass is thin if you leave it on a desk.

I've seen reviews elsewhere from people who probably didn't set these up right and describe them as tinny. They are heavy on treble but you'll appreciate the detail. I don't know if you can find cleaner sound for a $20 bill.

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