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Nov 19, 2003
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Pros:The charting mechanism, especially the java charts; Very timely

Cons:Some pages load slowly

The Bottom Line: A very helpful web service, especially for those who like to view stock market quotes on a graph. is a service of, a company that owns and operates both this service and specializes in financial research, offering its users the ability to lookup data on corporations, stock quotes, industry analysis, and, of course, financial charts and graphs.

What Does This Service Offer?:

This service is more than just a collection of financial graphs, like its name suggests. Here is a breakdown of what you can find in this web service:

Quotes- This shows the current Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S&P500 closes throughout the trading day. It also will show you the current trading price of any listed stock along with your choice of three different quote charts: Quick Chart, Interactive Chart, and Java Chart.

News- The latest financial news is presented here, broken into the following sections: Market news, Newsletters and Research, Futures, Technology & Internet, Bonds, Personal Finance, Mutual Fund, and Economics.

Industries- A breakdown of the Dow Jones best and worst performing industries is shown here, with time periods ranging from one week to five years. You can select the time period of your choice and then view the industry performance.

Markets- This is a statistical breakdown of the last closing day for the major indices: NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX. It also shows an assortment of charts, listing the “greatest percentage gainers” for the day, “greatest percentage losers”, “largest net price gain”, “largest net price loss”, and so forth.

Historical Quotes- This feature allows a researcher to input a stock ticker symbol and a date from the past and find out what the closing stock price was on that exact date.

Big Reports- This area contains several different reports, broken down into categories like “Bigmovers Reports”, “Bigpics Reports”, and “Bigmarkets Reports”. You can further customize by choosing just NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX.

Advanced Tools- This is offered in conjunction with CBS marketwatch. It allows investors to setup portfolios, customized alerts, newsletters, and other things.

In addition to these personal financial tools, also creates customized financial investment tools for financial institutions and for other financial web services.

Customer Service: can be contacted either through e-mail or via telephone. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Snail mail is also acceptable, but this option isn’t very practical. There is no toll- free number, so you will have to pay if you call directly.

Cost for Usage: doesn’t charge anything for using its basic services. The Advanced Tools requires that you establish an account with, but this is free. Only the Technical Analysis option costs money, (about $299 per year at present), but this is an advanced feature that most investors will not need.

Final Thoughts: is a very good financial web service for stock research. You can lookup company news, insider trading, corporate annual reports, company profile and, of course, charts showing the closing prices and other data. Trading prices are updated every few minutes, with the exact time of the last quote clearly indicated, so you know how up to date the last trading price really is.

The most helpful and unique feature in this site is the charts. The quick chart is nice, but it’s pretty standard. The Interactive chart is very handy. It allows you to select different moving averages and you can change the size and background. Java charts are the most helpful of all. You need to have java capability on your pc to use these charts but they are worth the investment if you’re serious about investing. By moving your mouse back and forth across the stock price graph, you can see the actual open, high, and low for dates in the past, plus important earnings data for the company. A black, vertical bar moves across the screen as you move your mouse, allowing investors to better visualize the changing stock value and other financial data for a company.

The news on the site is timely, but it comes from, the affiliate web service. shares this and other features too, like the advanced tools and technical analysis, with

Expert advice can be found in this site, giving advice on a stock’s rating (buy, hold, or sell), and letting investors know if the share is worth buying or not. Again, much of this advice comes from A nice, concise summary from market experts can be found here, with information provided by places like, Dow Theory Forecats,, Dun and Bradstreet, and others. is a very good financial web service., its sister site, is also excellent. With the charting tools and other research assistance offered by, combined with all the useful features of, you should be well on your way to finding all the investment help you need.

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