Fantastik Orange-Action All-Purpose Cleaner

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Cleaning with Oranges Once Again!

Dec 3, 2003
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Pros:I have found this product to work really well on most stains.

Cons:It can get pricey depending on where you purchase.

The Bottom Line: Life is easy when you have ways to help clean the dirt. Fantastik Orange is one of those cleaners.

Several months ago I purchased Fantastik® Orange Action™ to try it out. It has been a wonderful cleaning agent for my home, tires, vinyl surfaces, etc. It has also been great on counters, appliances, my husband’s uniforms and the bathroom. I just love finding a product that will work on things all around the home! Don’t you?

Life is just too short to argue with those stains and I don’t have the energy most days either! It is nice to know I have a product that will help my job in cleaning be easier

The Product

Fantastik® Orange Action™ has a combined cleaning power with pure orange oil in a new, advanced formula that will cut the tough greases and grime and do so without leaving a smeary, streaky residue. Now I don’t know about you but that is a plus for me.

It has a pleasant scent or fresh oranges and I love that smell!

Wipes out tough grease and grime and it deodorizes! It’s easy to use and has no overwhelming odors.

Recommended for use on:

microwave ovens
stainless steel
ceramic tiles and floors
porcelain surfaces
chrome fixtures

For all other surfaces, spot test in an inconspicuous area.

Contains no bleach or phosphates.

Safe for septic systems.

The bottle is clear with an orange top that has a twist dial to turn on/off to and from spray or stream. The size is buy is 32 fl oz and I paid 2.00 for it at my local dollar store. Prices slightly higher at grocery and drug stores. Wal Mart even sells it at a higher price.

Keep out of reach of children.

Company Info

If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can call at:


or you can go to:

product of:

S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

How I Feel

I have really enjoyed this cleaner. To me it works better than that other ‘orange cleaner, which does work well mind you’, but I think this works better. Sometimes stains get on the counter top and Fantastik® is the only product that will get that stain off.

Once, well several times, there has been juice stains in red or blue spilled onto the counter. Of course I would not know this until later. My son would attempt to clean the spill up with the dishcloth but what he didn’t know is that some colors stain. When I have found those stains this product is the first thing I reach for. I can see it working right away. And the stain is completely removed. I have to say here though that when hubby spills something, for some reason he doesn’t try to clean it up. He just leaves it there. Now why is that?

I have white countertops in my kitchen and all stains show! Fantastik® Orange Action™ makes my counter continue to look white. Not just juice but cool aid, coffee, dried sugar and creamer (thanks to hubby), tea, and food seem to get stuck on my counter tops and my stove. I don’t know why, but my bunch, especially the men in the house seem to make more messes than we women. But, I can always depend on Fantastik® Orange Action to remove the stain with no problems. If the stain wants to be stubborn I just leave the cleaner on a little longer.

It really is amazing to me to watch this cleaner work. As soon as I have sprayed it, I can see it working. In fact, I have to admit that I like to watch cleaners work in general because I know that I haven’t wasted my money on the product.

For those who are disabled like me, cleaning products that work and work well are a big improvement in our lives because the less I have to use my arms in scrubbing the better for me! Less pain? Yeah, that is a good thing! This Fantastik® is one of those products.

Overall, I use this product all the time and times when nothing else will work this one will. Well, other than pure bleach that is.

I hope that this has helped in some kind of way.

God Bless!

©LKD 2003

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