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Terrible Customer Service and Invisable Minutes
by acust
Ridiculous. Customer service is a runaround - and this wasn't the first time I've had similar experience when calling in for some issue - and that's the reason I used email first this time in the hopes of avoiding TracFone customer service reps.

Issue: I purchases a card in order to use a promo card before expiration (I didn't actually need minutes yet). When the promo minutes didn't show up in the total minutes added, I emailed TracFone via their site customer service email option (on the same day the card and promo code were added). I received an email back stating they attempted to call me (no data record of any call from TracFone to be found on the phone they say they called - or any phone for that matter) and that they needed more information (I provided my phone number, serial number, promo code in question, and 120 card info, name, contact info, and detail of missing promo minutes in the reported added minutes on the phone). That was the 21st, and today, the 25th, was the first day I've had time to sit on the phone with them since taking time to email them the day of issue.

The call: I spoke with 3 reps - each sounding just as inept as the previous despite stating each was one management level higher than the previous. Each was completely uninterested, simply reading the same two scripts over and over in disjointed and uneducated verbage - first telling me that the system shows the promo minutes were added, but when I ask why they aren't appearing in the minutes the phone states were added, telling me that due to my only calling in 5 days after adding the minutes, they can't verify where the minutes they show in the system actually went.....When the email is brought up, with time/date stamp record of my attempt to address the issue immediately following and within the now stated days, making this call simply a follow up to the first contact, I'm told again that the system shows the minutes were added, then again that due to it being 5 days later... etc ...until I'm finally told, 3 reps later, that had I called them rather than just emailing, this could have been handled - but their site doesn't suggest that if you choose to use their offered email option you are forfeiting any possible resolve of issue. I still have no answer as to where the minutes they say their system shows, but which my phone did not, actually went, and am assured that since they now consider it over 5 days, I will not find out and they no longer owe any investigation (again, the email apparently doesn't count as first contact).

The reps are unbelievably rude - telling you to let them finish (repeating one of the same 2 scripts again) or suggesting that you just didn't pay attention to the minutes when they were added, or that if you want to use the promo code (that's not showing) you can buy (another) 120 minute card and use it with that card (again, I didn't need this one, and only bought it in order to use the promo minutes while still valid).....This company offers terrible customer service and presents like a circle scam....if email isn't as good or valid as phone, then they should state that in the option for emailing customer service - if there's only 5 days to address a difference in minutes, that should be stated too, but since my first communication re minutes in question was emailed immediately and within their now stated days, this 5 day later follow up is just that - a follow up - companies worth their steam don't suggest that if an issue can go unresolved long enough it can be discarded and no longer their responsibility to address.
Now that I've seen so many similar complaints all across the web, and know my experience isn't so unusual, I'll use up these minutes and then switch companies. Unbelievably, blatantly back on you, not their problem offensive.
Sep 25, 2012
5:25 pm PDT

Tracfone's erroneous charges
by taricat
Tracfone charged my account for purchases I never made. When I called them, their customer service said there is no record of any charges. Yet right there on my bank stmt it said Tracfone! Lousy customer service, NEVER use their website.
Apr 27, 2011
7:11 am PDT

Only phones for travelers
by drewatree
If tracfone is good for one thing, it's being able to phone Britain at normal, local rates. The handset is cheap, it's available in a walmart, as is the time, and leaving it behind when heading back home is no story of heart break. Locally in the states it's not the cheapest, but then again, the entire product revolves around frugal spending, and consumption, so invariably you'll save.
Mar 18, 2011
9:11 am PDT

Re: Tracfone is great!
by nc10
"Man, this article is OLD."

Old, but still gets read by shoppers a lot.

Welcome to Epinions. Feel free to add your review of Tracphone, might bring some freshness to this product listing.

Mar 1, 2011
5:04 pm PST

Tracfone is great!
by richardsnide5
Man, this article is OLD. What isn't old is that people still saw the value of not locking themselves into a two year contract just to talk on the mobile phone. Today, Tracfone is the CHEAPEST way to use a cell phone, I pay only 25 bucks a month and I don't waste a single minute because of the pay as you go structure. It's not fancy but highly recommended for those on a budget!
Mar 1, 2011
11:05 am PST

Tracfone is great!
by richardsnide5
Man, this article is OLD. What isn't old is that people still saw the value of not locking themselves into a two year contract just to talk on the mobile phone. Today, Tracfone is the CHEAPEST way to use a cell phone, I pay only 25 bucks a month and I don't waste a single minute because of the pay as you go structure. It's not fancy but highly recommended for those on a budget!
Mar 1, 2011
11:05 am PST

tracfone offers allot for your money
by jessica27
i use tracfone as a second to my company phone, and i own 3 tracfones for the price of one contract phone, the phones i have are two back up/emergancy phones, and one new samsung slidder phone which is really nice, tracfone have some really nice new phones, but the realy reason i use tracfone is becasue they are so simple and cost effective, i get every thing i need under $50 and thats with 3 phones, its amazing how many things they offer to their customers at such a low price with out hassling with contracts.
Aug 28, 2010
4:04 am PDT

Re: Tracfone Keeps It's Word. Improving, but watch out for those Disappearing Plan Minutes!
by tp907
I have had Tracfone service for about 9 months now and it is clear that their customer service has improved (quicker response time to calls, telling you how long before they get back to you, etc.). However, they still take an inordinately long time in the communication process, resulting in calls lasting 30-60 minutes for something which should not take more than five minutes.

I had a Family Plan with them where they make regular monthly deductions from my credit card and added the minutes automatically to our phones.

They are very punctual in taking the payments but getting the minutes credited can be a really big hassle. Each month, for the first few months, I had to make those long service calls and exchange a long string of code numbers to get my minutes credited. One time they could not do it and they had to send me a new phone (they promised to, but never credited my old unused minutes to the new phone). The past two months things got worse, they claimed that they credited the minutes but when I look at my phone, there are no new minutes added. Speaking to a string of service people and supervisors was no help since they kept the broken record strategy of politely insisting that their system shows that they credited the minutes and there is nothing they could do, one implication being that I must have used these minutes and am trying to get them to give me additional ones for free.

Bottom line, watch out for their automatic monthly payment plans. I am going to look elsewhere when my current minutes expire.
Jul 29, 2010
7:49 am PDT

Re: Re: Only good to be used at home and they are STEALING YOUR IDENTITY
by jvbueno
Same problem with identity / change the phone for one motorolla and somebody try get all minutes and time from my phone. 3 weeks later I still trying to fix the problem. They were able to transfer the minutes to a new Phone ( 1660.40 minutes) but I still waiting for the Service date to be updated ( Service until August 1st 2010) i do have double for life and I always buy the $149 1 year 1000 minutes double 2 yeras 2000 minutes. I do have to wait another 48 to 72 hours to see if they can fix the problem. If they can I will loose my minutes and air time.
Jul 23, 2010
11:17 am PDT

Tracfone Keeps It's Word
by tracfonefan87
I've gotten very positive results from my use of Tracfone over the past several months. International long distance is extremely affordable, service is up to par, and phones are user-friendly. Tracfone doesn't boast fancy service with crazy features and utilities because that's not what they are; they are a simple prepaid cellular provider aiming to provide cheap, effective service to all it's customers. They aren't trying to make money off of expensive data plans and such, they are charging affordable rates and service for the average cell phone user. Well done.
Jun 30, 2010
3:04 pm PDT

Tracfone Keeps It's Word
by tracfonefan87
I've gotten very positive results from my use of Tracfone over the past several months. International long distance is extremely affordable, service is up to par, and phones are user-friendly. Tracfone doesn't boast fancy service with crazy features and utilities because that's not what they are; they are a simple prepaid cellular provider aiming to provide cheap, effective service to all it's customers. They aren't trying to make money off of expensive data plans and such, they are charging affordable rates and service for the average cell phone user. Well done.
Jun 30, 2010
3:01 pm PDT

Re: Only good to be used at home and they are STEALING YOUR IDENTITY
by mad_as_heck09
I agree! I bought this phone 3 weeks ago. I made the mistake of registering with them which requires giving personal info, but it allows me to buy minutes directly from my phone. I told them NOT TO send me their advertisements such as texting me etc. They said they wouldn't. However, no sooner had I registered, I started getting unsolicited text messages that won't show who it is from until you accept and then they charge you for it. Only to find out it is a solicitation. First one was a company called "Jump Offer".com saying thanks for registering??? I never registered with these ppl. I had to call via land line the number provided on the text message and it told me how to opt out. Which I did. But, lets see what happens. Then today I get a phone call from an unknown number, I googled it and find out that it is a bill collector, and a bill collector from over 20 years ago, called NCO. So, how can Tracfone say they don't sell a list of identities when they got mine that quick. I will use up the minutes and toss it. I will buy another but not ever register for the convenience of buying from my phone. I will simply keep my name out of it.
I think it's a good phone if they didn't sell your info. And then on top of that, their customer service is soooo lousy. Geez, you cannot have any privacy any-longer. This phone was only to be used while my son is in college and he can get a hold of me 24/7. He is the only one who has this cell number. That is why it's angered me. When it rings, I go to answer cuz it should only be him. NO, it's a bill collector for gods sake. Then I get a text message and have to accept it thinking it was my son's and it was this Jump Offer site and I got charged for accepting it, but TracFone won't say who it is before you accept. And I cannot block any calls out. So, there you go. Don't register with these ppl.
Jan 20, 2010
3:33 pm PST

One Happy Customer
by notsophonie
I'm very happy with my TracFone service. I'm generally not a heavy cell phone user so the little minutes I purchase suit me just fine and I have never experience any connection problems. Also, I have no need for extra gadgets on my phone. But for those of you with the need, I heard that Net10 offers more options when it comes to features :)
Jun 29, 2009
7:06 pm PDT

TRACFONE Incorrect Deducts Minutes
by mizsophia
Following a 2 minute call to #411 Directory Assistance today, my minutes went from 176 to 125. I called and spoke with 2 Customer Service people and a Supervisor. Neither support people were helpful and the only help I received from the Supervisor was advice not to call 411 again. Although I authorized them to access my records so they could see the calls and minutes used today, they told me that option was not feasable. They stated my phone was working fine and basically, I must have been mistaken.

I've had 2 phones with them since 12/08 and this is the second problem I've had. The first one was that the phone stopped working altogether but that was fixed with a support call. After today though, and experiencing their Customer Service at its best, I will be cancelling the phones once the minutes on both phones are used.

I would suggest that 'buyer beware' when it comes to Tracfone. There are much better options.
Apr 1, 2009
4:28 pm PDT

Tracfone is a Nightmare! Avoid like the Plague
by jtg61
I bought a Tracfone two weeks ago at Wal-Mart. I'm still trying to set it up and get it to work. I made the mistake of buying the minutes online instead of buying the minutes at the store. My phone would not accept the online code to add the minutes and my credit card was double charged on top of it. When I complained to customer service, they accused me me of using all the minutes that were never added to my phone. As it turns out the activation process didn't assign a number to my phone properly so it couldn't assign the minutes and I couldn't call out. Trying to work with customer service is a nightmare. You can barely understand their accents and the connection is weak. After hours on the phone and getting passed from one person to another, I finally got the erroneous credit card charge reversed. They had me punch in long sets of codes to try to get my minutes added. Then we discovered the SIM card wouldn't accept a phone number and they needed to send me a replacement. Two weeks later and I'm still waiting for a replacement SIM card. So far I'm out $20 for the phone and $40 for the minutes and the phone has never worked for the two weeks that I've owned it. I dread the day when my SIM card arrives as I'll have to deal with Tracfone customer service again. If this phone ever works and I ever get to use the minutes I purchased, I'll use it until the minutes expire and toss it in the trash. I'll stick with a reputable major cell phone carrier and use their prepaid service in the future. At least you can purchase it in their store and have it working before you walk out. I'm through with Tracfone. Beware! You've been warned.
Mar 17, 2009
6:54 am PDT

Tracfone works fine for me
by jackzz
I don't have a need to make alot of cell calls but I wanted to have one for when I am driving or away. After checking out all the carriers I found Tracfone to be the best deal for me and my cell needs. There is no muss and no fuss. I checked out all the other carriers like Verizon, Unicel, AT&T etc and even with their most basic plans I was stuck with a 1 or 2 year contract and more minutes than I would use which would factor in to my cost per minute.

So after doing my research I decided that Tracfone would be the best deal for me. I only use it for 60-120 minutes per month so a 400 minute plan does me no good and is a waste of money.

So I went to Walmart and for $17.88 I got a Tracfone LG200c flip phone which came with an AC charger, a car cigarette lighter charger, a leather phone case and a headset for hands free use. The phone also was DMFL or Double Minutes For Life so when I buy say 120 minutes for 29.95 I get 240 minutes. Also if you pay attention there are Bonus Codes which can add a free 60 minutes. So for 17.88 plus 29.95 I got the LG200c and 330 minutes without any contracts or monthly fees and the minutes will rollover. With DMFL my airtime is about 9 cents per minute.

For my first month I used about 60 minutes and my monthly cost was $5.40 for the month.

For me this is such a good deal I am thinking of having my landline disconnected since I spend $32 per month or $382 per year. I am guessing my Tracfone will cost me about $120 per year total.

As of yet I have encountered zero problems.
Dec 17, 2008
2:13 pm PST

Only good to be used at home and they are STEALING YOUR IDENTITY
by eind1
The connection is good only at home. 20 miles away from home, you get connection only by LUCK. Do NOT depend on it.

To add airtime from Tracfone is extremely painful:

If add it from their website (most of time it ends up ERROR and ask you to call the service representative), the webpage asks a lot of unnecessary information, then sends hundreds digits you have to key in to your cell phone.

If add it thru calling their service representative, the representative will try to STEAL YOUR IDENTITY by ask you all unrelated information. Besides credit card and your cell phone ID, they ask:
* Name
* Address
* Other cell phone numbers
* Social Security Number!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Birthday?????????????????

If you refuse to answer the question, they will argue that 'Our System Requires It'. Who cares about their system? I do care about my own IDENTITY SAFETY.

However, if you still want to jump into the trap, there is a way to beat their stealing:
***** Besides credit number and you cell phone ID, give them all FAKE information. ****

I tried the strategy, and it works
Jun 14, 2008
7:59 am PDT

Tracfone Nightmare - called BBB
by tedtretts
Where do I start? I have had many of the problems already listed. Cust Serv is still the worst I have ever encountered. Just had my worst experience and have given up. Tracfone - you win. You have robbed my money, but you will never get another penny. Here is my latest and will be my last problem.

I discovered 800 additional minutes had been added to my phone, which I had never ordered. Also when going to the menu, to retrieve my own number, my number had disappeared and another number showed up. The number carried an area code from another State. In a short time thereafter, my phone quit working and and I was getting a message "sim card deactivated". I called Tracfone (encountered the usual problems with CS in India) and explained what happened. They told me my phone had been shut down because I had owed them $156. I told them I had never purchased those 800 minutes and was not about to pay for something I had not ordered. I requested they remove the 800 minutes from my phone and activate the sim card, since I still had legitimate minutes on the phone. They would not do this and implied that I was lying. I mentioned that I had many times purchased minutes (never more than $99. at a time) and would never have purchased 800 minutes, since I use very few minutes in a year. All to no avail. I told them I was totally disgusted with their little scam and my next step would be a call to the Better Business Bureau and I hung up. I did call the BBB and registered my complaint. A few days later I received a call from a Tracfone cust service lady, repeated everything once more and received the same reply. They would not remove the minutes from my phone and insisted I owed them $156. By now I was pretty well wiped out. I am 73 years old and do not need the constant abuse I receive from Tracfone. I told them what they could do with their phone service and that I would do everything I could to inform all of my family members and friends to stay away from Tracfone. The company is the absolute worse. Their customer service is just plain horrible and they are getting away with this scam and stealing money. Buyer Beware! DO NOT USE TRACFONE. Deal with legitimate Companies only. I am going to try Virgin mobile or net10. Ted Tretts
Apr 9, 2008
7:37 am PDT

Not So bad
by hotwilz
I had my tracfone for about 3-4 years now. I just upgraded my phone to a new one. I can tell you from my past experiences, the customer service has actually got better recently. When I call, I usually go into a quiet room in the house, and speak slowly and clear to them. I can hear my voice echo on the phone and that is annoying, but I try to keep my cool. I have always had my issues resolved with first call. My worst complaint is that phones take too long to activate. Web site has improved some over the past year. Tracfone works almost everywhere here (West virginia). We don't have many options for cell service here. I guess I'll take what I can get for now.
Apr 5, 2008
5:45 am PDT

Beware Tracfone - new phone given out-of-state area code
by corax56
I recently purchased a $50 Motorola W370 cell phone directly from Tracfone's website; it came with "double minutes" for life. I successfully activated this phone but discovered that the number which Tracfone assigned it had an area code which was out-of-state. I live in MD and my new cell phone was given a DC number. I thought this would cause problems, as folks I would call might reject or not answer because of my phone's errant area code.

I promptly called Tracfone's customer service department (at about 9:30 PM EST) and finally got through to a young man whom initially I thought was trying to help but subsequently realized was providing only "lip service" and he wasted about 30 minutes of MY time while accomplishing absolutely nothing to help me or accurately describe why I was given a phone number with an out-of-state area code.

This rep told me that he had corrected the problem, but I would need to wait one hour for the cell phone to show the new number. Not true... In calling back I discovered that Tracfone's customer service department closes at 10 PM EST, so this lazy rep succeeded in pawning me and my problem off until the next shift.

Early the next morning, I called and succeeded in getting another customer service rep. After explaining my concern again, the lady acknowledged my problem but was unable to assign me a phone number within my home area code (301 or 240). Incredibly, both her and her supervisor explained that Tracfone did not have any available phone numbers within these 2 area codes, which is why their computer initially assigned me a DC phone number (area code 202).

I find this explanation to be implausible, but if true - my problem is likely to be visited upon many others.

The remedy offered by the customer service rep and her supervisor was to send me a new SIM card, which meant a 4-5 day delay to allow for shipping. Even then, there was no guarantee provided that the new SIM card would actually enable me to get a phone number with a MD-based area code.

As I wanted the Tracfone for use during a trip I was taking in only a few days, the SIM card "solution" was not appealing. I asked whether I could get a full refund for my Tracfone and was told I could - but that I'd have to pay for shipping which had to include a tracking number (even greater cost). I pointed out that I should not have to pay for shipping since it was Tracfone's mistake or flawed policy in assigning my phone an out-of-state number (and I never was notified in advance or given a choice about this decision). However the supervisor refused to agree to provide me with a shipping voucher.

Since I really needed a cell phone for my trip, I felt they had me "over a barrel". Consequently, I was able to negotiate only a rather weak compromise: I would keep (temporarily) my DC cell phone number for use on my trip, and Tracfone would give me just 20 "bonus" airtime minutes.

I was told that after I return from my 10 day trip I could still return the Tracfone for a refund, but I wonder whether this verbal commitment actually will be honored.

I strongly urge folks not to purchase Tracfone service, but if they do - I recommend they only buy the least expensive phone and purchase only a minimum number of airtime minutes.
Apr 4, 2008
10:54 am PDT

Beware Tracfone - phone # had out-of-state area code
by corax56
I recently purchased from Tracfone a $50 Motorola phone with double minutes, but when I successfully activated my new cell phone - it was assigned a phone number which had an area code that did not occur in my state. I live in MD and the number they assigned me was for DC (202 area code).

I thought that having a cell phone whose number was obviously not in MD would pose problems given that folks I would be calling know I live in MD, not DC. So I tried to see Tracfone would correct what appeared to be a simple mistake.

I had to try 2 times to get a customer service rep to actually help me. The first time I called at about 9:30 PM EST, and got nothing but "lip service" from a lazy rep who did absolutely nothing yet wasted 30 minutes of my time before he lied and told me the problem was corrected - but I needed allow an hour for it to show up on my phone. It didn't. I called back but found that Tracfone's customer service department closes at 10 PM, so he succeeded in pawning me off until the next shift.

Early the next morning I once again reached a customer service staffperson, and this lady did understand the problem - but was unable to correct it. I was told by her and her supervisor that no phone numbers were available for Tracfone use in the 2 existing area codes which service my region of Maryland (301 and 240) - and that is why their computer assigned me a DC phone number!

However, they informed me that Tracfone could send me a new SIM card in another 4 to 5 days, which perhaps would allow me to obtain a MD-based cell phone number. As I wanted the phone for a trip in which I was to depart in only a few days, I replied that this was not an acceptable solution.

I asked about whether I could get a refund, and was told "yes" but that I'd have to pay for shipping and needed to pay extra to get "tracking number" before they would authorize reimbursement. I countered that Tracfone's failure to inform me that no cellphone numbers were available for my area was not my mistake, and that they should give me a shipment voucher so I didn't have to pay for their mistake and/or flawed policy. No luck...

As they had me over-a-barrel, I could only negotiate a weak compromise: I'd keep (temporarily) the DC phone number and they would credit my phone with an additional 20 "bonus" minutes. Not a good deal, but perhaps the best I was going to get... I bet after my trip they'll tell me that Tracfone won't give me a full refund.

I strongly urge folks not to buy Tracfone service, but if they do - to only buy the least cost phone and minimum minutes needed.
Apr 4, 2008
10:04 am PDT

Overall, very pleased with this service.
by flamingdeath
Some things to remember...when you go to the site and sign up for a new phone, you'll want to look for "One Rate" or "Single Rate" phones. Those do not charge roaming anywhere in the United States. Often, the phones you see on the site are also readily available at the local dollar store...that's where I've bought both mine and my wife's. The price is the same and you can have a phone up and running the same day. Just be sure to write down the model numbers of the one rate phones so you'll know what to buy when you get there.

Also, avoid Tracfone's car accessory kits. Most of the time, it is much cheaper to buy accessories from Wal Mart or another discount store, because you can pick and choose to get exactly what you want or need.

Also, if you talk more than a few minutes a month, it will pay you to get a Double Minutes for Life card. This automatically doubles the minutes of any card you buy...for example, a 60 min card gets you 120 minutes. You pay a one-time fee of $50 for that, but it's well worth it in my opinion. It's already paid for itself several times.

If you don't want to mess with cards and buying airtime before the expiration date, then get on the Family Plan. The first phone is $9.99 a month for the first phone, and $5.99 a month for each additional phone, billed to a credit/debit card, or directly withdrawn from your bank account. The first phone gets 50 minutes each month, the additional phones get 30. But, when you have the Double Minutes card, you get 100 and 60 for the same price (about $15.98 - about 10 cents per minute). This is more than enough for my wife and I each month, as we are not heavy cell phone users.

The phones seem to be reliable. My LG 3280 is over a year old and still working just fine. My wife's LG 200 is not quite that old. Both hold a charge for days and pick up well just about everywhere.

You get free voicemail and caller ID. Text messages are charged at half a unit per message, send or receive, so if you do a lot of texting, you should be careful and watch your minutes!

Plus, some phones are capable of simple email functions. Try sending a text message to your home email address. Then, look in your email at the sender to see what your phone's email is. Mine is

Also, if you do Yahoo messenger, you can send the following message to 92466 (Yahoo):

in username password

You are now logged into Yahoo Messenger, and you can send and receive IM's from your friends. You can probably do this on any phone, but it's just handy to know if you like that sort of thing. It makes the cheap Tracfone even more versatile. Just remember to watch your minutes!

That's easy to do too, with the built in counter which tells you how many minutes you have left.

And now the bad part. Customer service leaves something to be desired. Expect to talk to someone with a heavy foreign accent. However, they are careful to repeat to you what you said so you know they understand you. And, you will spend a LOT of time on hold and a lot of time discussing your problem. But, ultimately, the representatives are polite to a fault and very helpful. Fortunately, there's only been two occasions that I had to call Tracfone, once for my phone and once for my wife's, to correct some sort of glitch in the software. Both times the issue was resolved to my satisfaction.

As I said, so far, I have been very happy with Tracfone, and until they do me wrong, I will continue to give them my business.
Mar 18, 2008
10:40 am PDT

Re: HORRIBLE customer servive
by danielw
I agree completely! We've had three TracFone's. The $19.00 Nokia 2126 that my wife has worked out okay. I had the same and it died, after MANY problems. I've now got a Motorola V170 which I've also had many problems with. It will lock up and I'll receive no calls, but there's no indication of a problem until I call my wife and find out that she's been trying to call me.

Calls to TracFone have been extremely frustrating. Although, very polite the customer service reps (located overseas) have been difficult to understand. I too have spent an hour plus on the phone, then have to call back because the problem is either unresolved--or worse than it started.

Sorry TracFone, "polite" does not equal "competent."

Mar 9, 2008
7:27 pm PDT

Go with Net10
by anjetea
I've had the phone 2 days and already I'm dissatisfied. First, they make your zip code the only place that the phone won't be roaming. I wouldn't be upset over that if it was made clear in the pamphlet, BEFORE I bought the phone. Then, they take forever to activate it. I Called to activate the phone on the 28th at 4 PM. At 2 PM the next day, I called to make sure everything was going to plan (since the phone's usually activated within the first couple minutes). After going through the process of giving a 15-digit number multiple times, the service rep says (through a barely comprehendable accent) that the phone should be active in 4 hours. That would be 2 hours past the latest time that the pamphlet says it takes to activate a phone. So false advertising again. Then I had to call customer service again to find out how to check voice mail from a land line. . . because they don't give basic information like that in their "information booklet." If possible, go with Net10. I haven't even used their service before, but it's got to be better than this!
Dec 30, 2007
12:52 pm PST

HORRIBLE customer servive
by maxell321
Tracfone would be nearly perfect if it weren;t for their horrible customer service.

Ive been with them for a little over a year now and whenever I have to call there pathetic customer support it ALWAYS ends up ending with some type of problem.

The last one being I had upgraded to a new phone, so I simply needed to have my minutes and number transfered to the new phone. Simple enough right? WRONG.

After spending 40 mins on the phone, I hung up and realized they gave me the wrong phone number. So I called back and explained what I needed, and needless to say after another hour on the phone with them, finally a supervisor told me my old number was de-activated because the previous lady I spoke to made a mistake. Therefore the number I had for over a year now had to be changed.

It is so frustrating trying to get anywhere with them especially when the person you are stuck with barely speaks any english.

Nov 26, 2007
1:39 pm PST

Re: Tracphone cheap phone the worlds worst service
by judy_k
I agree. I came to add my complaint to the others. I wasted $40 on a basic phone and one hour of time for emergencies and now I have nothing to show for it.
Oct 5, 2007
8:36 am PDT

Tracphone cheap phone the worlds worst service
by alcz
was sent a digital phone to replace old analog. been days calling tracphones service number (no internet activation). after punching in all their codes it still has not been activated. these people speak with a thick accent and with background noise sounding like their speaking from a rave dance floor. Do not buy Tracphone.

Virgin Mobile has been very good for me.
Sep 14, 2007
11:46 am PDT

ripped off
by mocoy9198
i will never use tracfone again, their customer service is awful! and to top things off they just ripped me off by the $20 i spent on a 60 minute card, i had attempted to add the minutes to my phone but the phone was "no longer supported" by the network i was happy to find out they had a replacement program that got me a new phone at no charge...but then i attempted to add the minutes i had purchased to the new phone and they tell me that i attempted to add them before and that i waited longer then three days to notify them that the minutes didn't get added, and i spent over three hours in the last week on the phone on hold and talking to people that i cant understand very well attempting to fix the problem...all to no avail
Aug 24, 2007
1:42 pm PDT

No coverage from Tracfone
by helenesaul
Despite repeated assurances from tech support, my expensive Tracfone simply does not connect. It said "roaming" one time when I called a local number, and the rest of the time it says no coverage. Well, my Virgin Mobile phone works just fine from the same places I tried my Tracfone, and actually when I tested my Tracfone one time I was about 1000 feet from the cell tower. They keep giving me codes to punch in, but to no avail. My friend got a Tracfone the same day as me, and after setting it up and using it, the phone needed recharging. The phone won't recharge. This company is a big scam.
Jul 29, 2007
10:41 pm PDT

Re: Re: Tracfone -- the good and the bad
by tracson
Tracfone is not located in India that's correct, they have their corporate offices in Miami, that is correct too, but for cost reasons they have more than 5 call centers in south america. -> Argentina, Bolivia, Guyana, Colombia, Guatemala, Salvador, and also Philipines. Before they wouldn't say where they were "for security reasons" but try to call now, and ask them "where are you located" they will say Bogota, Colombia or Buenos Aires Argentina... and so forth.
Oct 14, 2006
5:18 pm PDT
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