Ways I've found to get women excited!

Apr 2, 2001

The Bottom Line All women love surprises but, for some, the biggest surprise comes when a man treats a woman like a lady and not a piece of trash!

When you talk about surprises for women, you're talking about exciting moments and when it comes to treating the ladies like queens, you're talking about me!

Now, before all the comments or emails come in, I'll tell you up front that I'm not stuck on myself. In fact, it's just the opposite! Because I don't usually wow them in the looks department, I've always had this knack for making women smile. Whether it be a dozen roses or a romantic candlelight dinner, I've always treated the ladies in my life with respect and, in most cases, downright spoiled them.

There are a lot of things, in my opinion, that you can do to surprise your significant other, thus putting a smile on their face and you don't necessarily have to spend an arm or a leg to do it! All the women that I've known feel that it's not so much the gifts we give them that make them happy but the way we give them and the thought behind it are the most important things.

A perfect example of this is taking the girl of your dreams out to dinner. Anyone can bring a woman to a nice restaurant and this indeed will make the love of your life happy but try having a dozen roses delivered to your table while you're there with a card simply saying I love you!

Maybe the woman of your dreams is allergic to flowers or just don't like them, what are your options then. Well, you could buy her some silk flowers or even a beautiful plant that could be transplanted outside for her to remember that special day. How about having a violinist come in and play your song while enjoying a romantic dinner?

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, most couples that have been together for awhile have what is called their song. It could be the first song you heard when you met or the first song you danced together to or, if you're married, the song they played at your wedding (no, not Here Comes The Bride...lol)!

Maybe you have that rare female that don't like flowers or music (is there such a woman?) and if that is the case, make it a location that they'll never forget...or still remember. You know, the place you took her on your first date or on your honeymoon? Although this may seem a bit extreme, I took my wife to Canada for dinner and believe me, she was surprised. So was I! When I asked for soda to go with my meal, they brought me tonic water with a twist of lime...lol.

Maybe you're on a tight budget and money is definitely a problem but you want the evening to be special. Try taking her for a moonlight ride on the water or if you don't have a boat rental in your immediate area, a nice walk along the beach would do just as well. For those of you that are adventurous, making love in the sand while the waves gently caress your bodies is definitely a night they'll never forget. Of course, in the middle of the day is not the best time to do this but late evening is always fun!

Walking in the rain holding hands is another thing that I've found is very romantic and makes a lot of woman happy. As I said earlier, it's not how much you spend but the thought behind it.

Like when I give them flowers, I don't just pop in the door and say here you are and then take a seat on the couch! My idea of a romantic evening at home is to have the flowers sent to her at work or wherever she happens to be that day. Then, before she gets home, make her a dinner she'll never forget and if you have kids, have someone watch them for the evening so it can just be the two of you. If you're the kind of man that can't cook, order a nice meal to be delivered and have it waiting for her when she arrives home!

Maybe poetry is their thing and a nice, romantic poem will go a long way in telling her exactly how you feel. Don't worry about whether you're a great poet or even if it rhymes just as long as you express yourself. If you can't think of anything to write, go to the store or your local library and look for that perfect poem. When you give it to her, tell her up front that you didn't write it but that it's how you truly feel and that the poem says all that your heart is feeling!

My Opinion

Most women don't ask too much of us men but to be treated with respect and never stop telling them how much you love or care for them. Leave a note on her pillow in the morning or on the bathroom mirror telling her she's special and exactly how much she means to you or just simply say I love you!

This may sound funny to some but there are too many unhappy women out there that just want to know that they're appreciated once in awhile and little things do mean a lot. Most men don't realize what they have until it's gone so if you want to keep them, keep them happy!

It should be noted that because of content, I've left out some other ways that some may deem inappropriate for this site but should you want to hear more, feel free to email me anytime!

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