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Re: Apologies for my rating...
by glacier
No apology necessary. I appreciate the input. I wrote this epinion and didn't know where to place it. Initially, I put it in the 'Should I buy Used Books' section, but then realized it was closer to the subject 'How to Buy Used Books', so I moved it to this section. While the subject is not exactly in line, there is a direct relationship between buying and selling used books (What we don't sell to the used bookstore won't be on the shelf for buying, right?).
Thanks for taking time.
Apr 4, 2001
10:49 am PDT

Re: I+didn't+feel+that+I+could+rate+this...
by glacier
I understand your point. Working in the business, though, there was a very real relationship between the buying and the selling. What we didn't buy as a used bookstore we couldn't sell. Books that we weren't interested in buying were books that wouldn't sell.
Thanks for the comment.
Apr 4, 2001
10:45 am PDT

Apologies for my rating...
by Arthur.Rubin
but it is off-topic. I can't find a better topic for it, but I really can't rate it Very Helpful.

I DO think Epinions should create that topic, however -- in any category in which there's a How to Buy Used X, there should be a How to Sell Used X.
Apr 4, 2001
9:08 am PDT

I didn't feel that I could rate this...
by amysmum gave some good advice, but this is not
really on topic. Selling and buying are two very
different things.

Apr 4, 2001
12:53 am PDT

by uribou
I have A LOT of book, especially hardcovers, and I will have to deal with it when I graduate the school. This info will be very useful. Thanks.

Apr 3, 2001
4:30 pm PDT