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Apr 3, 2001

The Bottom Line Avon is a wonderful company to represent or to purchase from.


At the end of January 2001, I began selling avon. It wasn't something I had ever thought I would do, but when I met another mother of multiples at a Stay at home mom's fair I couldn't imagine not jumping on the opportunity. When I signed up they were offering a special that you could sign up to sell and if you made a specified amount in sales for the first three campaigns they wouldn't charge you the sign up fee, but even if you didn't sell that amount you wouldn't have to pay until you had already sold for three campaigns. I was even surprised at the amount it cost to sign up.

It is only $25 to begin selling avon in Kentucky. The price ranges from $20 to $35 depending on where you are signing up to sell. With that initial sign up fee you will get books to give out, order forms and other items. My leader gave me samples to give and "what's new bags" to use for hanging books on people's doors. You will get everything you need for your first campaign. From then on you will need to purchase your own items.

The items you need aren't very expensive. You will need to purchase books to show off the items you have for sale. They range in price depending on how many you buy. The more you buy the less each individual book costs. I usually get 50 books for $11.56. You will also be responsible for purchasing bags to put your customer's orders in and the prices vary depending on size. There are samples and tools you can buy. So far the only tool I have purchased is a ring sizer because I have had four different people purchase rings from me. I do purchase lots of samples though. I usually buy samples for our newest products as they come out.

You will go to a training meeting in which you will get wonderful tips about how to market your products. There is also monthly sales meetings in which you get information about the company, new products, free items, and sales tips. Most of the time there will be new products on display so that you can give your customers first hand knowledge on products.

You can also sign up for a beauty consultant class in which you gain knowledge on how to apply products. I have not done this yet, and it is not mandatory. I am waiting to see if I have a need for that sort of information with my customers. It does cost to do the beauty consultant classes so it isn't something I would jump right into. First you should see what kind of customers you get and then think about your options.

Before starting with this company I had a friend ask me to sign up with another company to sell products. I had thought about it but couldn't because of the amount of time, limited amount of expensive products, and cost to start up. Now that I have found avon I can say that it takes very little time (only what you want to put into it), you don't have to go to people's houses and block out hours of your time because you don't do parties, you don't have to come up with very much money in the beginning, and there are many products to choose from.

Avon is more than a makeup company. Of course they sell beauty products which include make up, bath products, skin care, hair care and perfume. However, they also sell fashion products, household items, children's merchandise and gift giving items. In addition they sell items that benefit cancer research.

If you are looking for a new career this is a wonderful place to start with very little start up, if you are looking to purchase avon you will get a one on one feel with big business backing. All purchase are 100% guaranteed. If you aren't satisfied you just tell your avon representative and they will take care of it.

Avon is a company that benefits it representatives and customers. If you ever want more information on avon selling or buying please check out avon's website http://www.avon.com or email me at debbie-n-ky@excite.com and I will do my best to help you. After all avon is about great customer service as well as great products.

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