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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - Cleaning Shoes, Doors .. Almost Like Magic!

Dec 29, 2003
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Pros:Easy to use, cleans most areas well


The Bottom Line: It really erases marks off things you had given up hope on!

I first heard of this product, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on this Epinions site. I thought the concept neat and tried to read all of the reviews coming in, trying also not to get my hopes up. I love cleaning products, especially new ones to test - especially ones that start getting great reviews, like this one started to. After watching a few commercials to further entice me, I convinced my husband to pick up a 2 pack about a month ago. We had family coming to visit in a few days and I wanted to "test" how well this product really could work.

The Product

I have only seen these at our local Walmart, and only in a 2 pack (for approximately $2.49). Looking on-line though I see sells them also in a 4 pack (for $4.29). The size of each is 4.6" L x 2.4" W x 1" H. They are white and look and feel a little like a rectangular piece of styrafoam. The idea behind these little babies is to just wet a little with water, and rub away.

"Official" description is (taken from which is also taken from packaging, etc):

"Cleans dirt and grime like you never thought you could!

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is an innovative cleaning material that penetrates surface grooves where dirt and grime get trapped. It easily and thoroughly breaks up tough dirt, lifting it away from surfaces. And, it does all this with just water alone!

Here's how Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works*:

Wet Eraser with water, then squeeze out excess.
Gently rub eraser on surface to remove tough dirt and grime.
Throw away after multiple uses."

Seems easy enough huh?

Easy? It's a Breeze!

Really it is a very basic product that works great and is not hard to do! Just follow the simple instructions and apply! I first read all of the instructions on the cardboard packaging before using, making sure I wouldn't ruin anything in the house first.

The product states:

"Great for tough cleaning jobs all around the house:

Removes set-in dirt on stoves, refrigerators and other appliances.
Cleans scuff marks and dirt from walls, floors and doors.
Breaks up tough bathroom soap scum.
Cleans ground in dirt on patio furniture.
Car interiors, boat interiors, even wheels.
Athletic shoe soles, leather uppers and much more!"

So where have I used my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? Mainly on items in my house. I started with glee on all of my door frames and doors. All are in this semi-glossy white paint that seems to show every hand print. With having a small child there are little fingers everywhere! I wet the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser slightly, squeezed out, and scrubbed lightly on every door and frame. 99.9% of the smudge and dirt marks disappeared! Whoooo! It worked on my glossy white walls in my kitchen - all those splatter and dark spots, all the dried up drippings I never could get with a sponge as it would tear at the paint. This product worked on every painted surface except for a flat, green colored wall that had markings from where we had furniture up against it and then moved it.

I cleaned what I needed of the house and had 90% of the eraser left. It looked a little less complete, a little less white, and a few small shavings came off - but mostly in tact. I put the eraser back in the cardboard box and under the sink for next time. No special storage either - gotta love it!

Recently, I pulled back out the same eraser and thought about my toddler's shoes. He will only wear 1 pair at a time, and always white Nike's (who knew a 3 year old would be so picky?!). I am always looking at them in disgust because, as a typical boy, he really runs down his shoes. The tips are always dirty and covered with something, and the shoes always look "old" within days of him first wearing them. Just a little water, the eraser and a little work and viola! Not as good as new, but pretty dern close and the shoes now look white again! I was more than pleased - and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser only used up 2 of the 4 corners for the shoes, so I still have some of the first eraser left!

Any Precautions?

Well, I haven't used them on anything the packaging says not to, but they do make this notation:

"Attention: The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a highly effective cleaning tool. Test first on an inconspicuous spot with light pressure to see if surface may scratch. Not recommended for use on surfaces that are polished/glass, or on finishes that are brushed, satin or dark."

Final Recommendations

Need you even ask? I hope to find the biggest 4 pack in stores - heck, I hope to find a case of them somewhere so I always have a good supply around. I am seriously considering putting them in all of my family's stockings next year! Such little time, effort and maintenance, this really is the ideal cleaning product!

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