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Jan 5, 2004
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Pros:Cuts down on fat. Easy operation.

Cons:Small. Food doesn't have the same flavor as an outdoor grill.

The Bottom Line: Get a George Foreman grill at least to cut down on fat. However, I suggest to get a larger size to accommodate your needs.

My initial reaction is that the "Foreman" is awesome.

OPERATION - Well it doesn't get easier than this. Plug in the unit, wait a minute for it to warm up, thrown on your food, and close the lid. Simple.

DRIP TRAY & FAT - I can't get over how much fat flows into the drip tray. I can make a hamburger and I'm surprised that there's any meat left when you look at the amount of grease that came out of it! I heard rumors that it's not only getting rid of the nasty fat, but also essential protiens. I'm not positive about this statement and I'm sure that there's a debate over which is more necessary for your diet.
One big negative is when you're cooking something that must be flipped or moved. You need to be careful that it doesn't fall into the drip tray. Ewww, that would be nasty. I've sucessfully made steak-ums on here, but when you flip them, some pieces get lost.

SIZE - I call this the "single person's grill", mostly because this size is too small to cook even 2 quarter pound burgers at the same time. If you plan to cook 1/4lb burgers for more than yourself (and you all want to eat at the same time), I suggest getting the bigger size. Chicken strips and hot dogs fit just fine when cooking for multiple people.

FOOD & TASTE - Some people think that all this grill does is cook hamburgers. You can pretty much make anything that you'd put on a normal grill (that will fit).
Fortunately, you're taking out the fat & grease. Unfortunately, a lot of people feel that this grease is "flavor". Also, you don't get the "charcoal" hickory taste as you'd get from an outside grill. Most food seems to be more bland and needs condiments or extras if you're used to other tastes. I feel that it's a good trade off to get rid of the fat.

TEMPERATURE - One down side is that there's only 1 cook temperature, ON. To turn it off, unplug the unit. The plus side to this is that you don't need to worry about setting the temperature; I've never had a problem setting this up, just keep an eye on it to see when the food is done.

CLEAN-UP - Me and my wife always fight over who's going to clean the Foreman. It's not a fun job to say the least. It's a non-stick cooking surface, so a damp paper towel usually does the job. What REALLY stinks is when you need to clean the whole unit because it got greasy from the steam. It's not like you can throw this thing in the sink or dishwasher.
Then there's the drip pan. You shouldn't really dump all that grease down your drain, so we found it to be easy to dump it into a zip-lock baggy and throw it out. Luckily, the little plastic tray is dishwasher safe.

My final opinion is that everyone that cooks small meals (or wants to cut fat) should own a George Foreman grill. I just wish I bought a bigger one.

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