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Apr 12, 2001

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The Bottom Line Best glass cleaner I've ever seen, hands down. Buy this now!

I recently got glasses, and have had trouble keeping them streak free and clean. I have the photo grade lenses with ultraviolet tint. They streak at the drop of a dime and it seems that I have had to clean them constantly throughout the day.

Well, today I happened across a salesman who was demonstrating his product on another passerby who was also wearing glasses. I only caught the tail end of the demonstration, but the woman seemed quite amazed with the end result. He reached out to get my glasses for the demonstration, and I handed them over.

First he used some steam on the glasses to get them moist and wiped off any dust that may have collected on the lenses. He then took a swipe of his product, "Optic Guard", and applied it to both sides of my lenses. He then wiped it off and handed my glasses back to me.

The end result was, in a word, amazing. My glasses are cleaner than the day I got them. Streaks and spots I've had since day one that I couldn't get rid of are gone. It's almost as if I'm not even wearing glasses, they are that crystal clear.

My fiancee tried the product on her glasses when we got home, and got the same result... amazing clarity. You can also use the product on mirrors, video screens, scopes, masks, goggles, and camera lenses... leaving all with crystal clear clarity.

A 1 oz. bottle that is slated to last for 1-2 years is a mere list price of $8.95 (though I got 2 for $12 from the salesman). The company which sells this product can be reached via their toll free number at 1-877-ANTI-FOG or you can order via mail at Allstate Optical, Inc. PO Box 31 Joplin, MO 64802.

I can't give a more ringing endorsement for any product I've ever used... I will swear by this product for all of my glass cleaning needs. The highest recommendation I can give... and then some.

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