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Glasstron TV glasses - Cool for a while, then get a real TV.

Jan 14, 2004
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Pros:Cool idea, makes for good conversation.

Cons:BAD for your eyes, can't watch with anyone else.

The Bottom Line: They could a neat thing to use every once and a while, but for movie watching, get a real TV.

When I was but a lad I got my first real full time paying job, my first credit card, and decided I was rich, and needed to spend my money in super-cool fashion (at this point I was living at home, so I had no expenses) My first idea was to buy a big tv, so I could watch movies on my own.
I quickly found that even with no expenses and full time pay, a nice big screen tv would set you back at least 1,500 dollars, and take up a good amount of floor space. (this is before all these flat panel TVs hit the market) So I searched the web for "deals" on a TV, and that is when I first found out about Glasstron TV glasses.
To me at that age the whole idea was unbelieveably cool. Glasses? That simulate veiwing a 52" screen from 6'? For only $380.00? I quickly blew my whole TV budget on getting a pair. Oh I sure do love buying cool electronic equipment (still do) and when these glasses arrived I ripped the package off, discarded multiple warnings about not watching for more than 3 hours at a time, and laid back on my bed to watch a movie on my dvd player.
In the first veiwing, I knew that this wasnt exactly as cool as it looked - first off, you have to find somthing to block the light, like a pillow or a cloth, and then you have to try to ignore the steadily growing ache in your eyeballs that was unavoidable for me while watching a 2 hour movie on the glasses. I did heed the warning not to watch more than 3 hours at a time, but I still felt that each 2 hours i spent trying to focus on a 52" illusion TV that was actually 2" away from your eyes, was damaging my eyes. (since then I have developed an eye condition requiring me to wear glasses - although it was inherited, I'd have to say that the glasstrons were not good for eyes in general)

So my first reason for selling the glasses was for my vision, but the second, and almost as important was somthing that should have been obvious to me from the start - You can't watch a movie WITH anyone else! If all you have is glasstron, movie watching is a lonely business. So I sold the TV glasses, and bought myself a panasonic 20" that searved me well - you can read that review if you want.


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