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Feb 4, 2004
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Pros:light weight.Waterproof.fairly easy to use


The Bottom Line: Great gps. Tons of usable features

I bought the 110 for hunting and hiking. I wasn't interested in the 120 due to cost and features i would never use. The 110 frs radio is pretty good. I can communicate with my buddy easily although we didn't test the range over 1 km.I chose the American version of the RINO because GMRS radio channels on the Canadian version are not available. I want GMRS for safety reasons. The gps works well. It doesn't lose its signal very often and i have to be in pretty thick bush for it to do so. But it re acquires very fast.The backlight works well.The Rino is pretty easy to use if you study the manual. And the manual isnt small because its packed with information on all its features. There are a lot of features. The manual itself is pretty clear. Battery life is ok as i have nothing to compare it to. It lasts the whole day hunting so there ya go. I keep extra batteries in my pack for emergencies.Waterproof. Light weight. I'm not thrilled with the yellow color.I have owned the RINO for 1 hunting season and to date i like it. It does everything i want it to do and it already has saved my lost %#$. You think you know an area until you get lost. And it happens.
The RINO 110 doesn't come with an interface cable to transfer way points on a map. I tried to build my own cable and needed directions as to why the rino wasn't communicating with my computer. They send me a cable free of charge. I was very impressed by that . Most companies would have charged you a hefty sum for an interface cable if it wasn't included with a product.
I think garmin makes a high quality gps. I would definitely recommend it.

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