Horn of America Deluxe Sewing Chair 05090

Horn of America Deluxe Sewing Chair 05090

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Sewing in Comfort -- This Chair Makes a Difference

Feb 6, 2004 (Updated Jun 7, 2006)
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Pros:Contoured seat and back, lumbar support, Pneumatic height adjustment, tilt and lock, comfortable.

Cons:A bit expensive. The chair is large, so consider your sewing area space before purchasing.

The Bottom Line: The perfect sewing chair for me.

I had no intention of purchasing a sewing chair. However, when I bought my new sewing table, I made the mistake of sitting in a Horn of America sewing chair while waiting for the order to be written up. The chair fit my body in all the right places, was well-cushioned, and oh so comfy. I eye-balled the sales person and wondered if I could cut a deal.

What the Chair Looks Like

At first glance, this chair looks bulky. This is not a chair designed to fit in tight spaces. However, the chair is designed to comfortably fit the body. The contoured seating area is lower in the center, a bit higher on the sides so that one’s seat is always centered in the chair. Thickly padded upholstery makes this chair extra comfy in both the seating area and the back, which also has lumbar support. The heavy-duty upholstery fabric has fire-retardant foam padding. The seat cushion is nice and wide, too, at 19 1/2 inches.

I purchased a blue-upholstered chair. The chair also comes in burgundy, light beige or tan upholstery. The blue, burgundy and tan chairs come with black legs and casters. The beige chair has white legs and casters. In case you are wondering, this chair does not have arms.

Pneumatic height adjustment insures this chair sits at the perfect height to the sewing table, which is important for ergonomic well being. The chair has five tilt swivel adjustments with a lock and tension control (the lever is under the right side of the chair seat). Five legs offer stability so the chair is less likely to tip. I can tell the chair is well-made by looking at the chair legs and twin wheel heavy-duty casters.

Features (as listed in the Horn of America literature)

* Hydraulic lift
* Pneumatic height adjustment with gas-lift
* 5 twin wheel heavy-duty casters
* Tilt swivel with tension control and lockout feature
* Contoured seat and back with lumbar support
* Heavy-duty upholstery
* Thickly padded seat
* High density fire-retardant foam padding
* Meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA standard
* Quick & easy to assemble

But Won’t a Computer Chair Work as Well?

The thought occurred to me that this chair resembled a cushioned computer chair ... and maybe a computer chair would cost less money and offer close to the same features.

I purchased a new computer chair last year, so I had done research on chairs before seeing this sewing chair. The computer chairs I’ve researched don’t have the same amount of cushioning for comfort as the sewing chair I purchased. This chair is also contoured and fits my body so that prolonged sewing is comfortable. The chair back is a good height, and the seat is wide. The computer chairs I’ve seen with the combination of features I would want usually come with built-in chair arms, and I would not want chair arms on a sewing chair. Chairs fit people in different ways. Most likely, a computer chair would cost less money, especially if purchased on sale. So shop around and see what best meets your budget and comfort needs.

Purchasing the Sewing Chair

The more I sat in the chair, the more I wanted it. And since I was splurging on a new sewing table, why not go all the way and buy a new chair. But could I haggle a better price? The chairs had a retail price tag of $229.00 with a sale price of $169.95. However, this sale was only on “used floor models” -- the chairs that were used by students in sewing classes (one can only imagine what abuse they had endured). I wanted a new chair, but I didn’t want to pay $229.00 for it.

I adjusted my bargaining hat and started talking. The outcome resulted in my purchasing a new chair for $169.00. The chair would be delivered for free (with the sewing table), and the chair would be assembled by the delivery people at my house. I was delighted!

Sewing in my New Chair

I love this chair. Sometimes I feel a twinge of guilt at having spent the extra money for it, but I spend a lot of time at the sewing machine. Comfort is important. This chair rolls across the floor, is steady on its legs (it hasn’t tipped yet!). I can swivel in a complete circle to reach everything in the sewing area. The Pneumatic adjustment insures I’m sitting at the correct height to the table. The chair back offers lumbar support, and the back is a good height, adding additional back support.

If I had to pick one thing to complain about ... and this is being picky ... the chair takes up room. This chair is not the best purchase for anyone with an extra-small sewing area. However, the chair swivels and doesn’t need to roll unless you want it to roll. When purchasing, judge whether you would benefit from this chair, or if a more space-conscious sewing stool might be better.


The Horn of America sewing chair suits my needs, is comfortable, and works well for me. I’m glad I purchased it. I’ve spent too many years sitting on hard sewing stools or wooden sewing chairs. This chair is the Cadillac of comfort, and I’m worth it!

Update -- June 8, 2006

I am really enjoying this sewing chair. It is comfortable and holding up well. I don't see any signs of wear in the upholstery, and the Pneumatic height adjustment still has all its pep. I am very easy on furniture, so this chair has not seen abuse unless you count the cats who sometimes try to steal my seat!

I hope you have found this review useful.

Enjoy your day,

Additional Information

Chair Seat: 19 1/2" wide x 18 1/2" deep
Chair Back: 17" wide
Weight: 34 pounds

10-year warranty on parts

Horn of America
Herold Rt. Po Box 608
Sutton, WV 26601
Toll Free Phone # 1-800-882-8845

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