Diablo 2 Expansion: Lord of Destruction for Mac, Windows

Diablo 2 Expansion: Lord of Destruction for Mac, Windows

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An Addicting game's sequel in a 4 3/4 inch peice of software

Feb 14, 2004
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Pros:-A great sequel to the classic -great time killer

Cons:-May get boring after a little while if your bad -addiction is not always good

The Bottom Line: Excellent game. Give it a try. Why? Why not?

Lord of Destruction... If you have Dibalo II and not LOD (Lord of Destruction) get it or stop playing. This sequel should be priced more than its worth. It gives you much more items and a whole new act. Most people who play Diablo II, play LOD. It gives you new Quests in act 5 that get you great rewards like the socketing quest. You can add a Socket to a Unique and Rare item, chance of 1 or 2 in magical, and the maximum in normal items. For those people who are completely lost because they never played the game before, BUY THEM BOTH! Scince this game is a little older than most, it's priced at a very low price of $20.00 for LOD. This game is Great for Killing time. It is also a great stress reliever. Killing monsters and all. There are patches to the game that come out every so often to give you new and better items and improve the bugs in the game. If you ever get a chance in a Computer store and see this game, get it if you are one of the following.
-a very consistant man/woman who likes to base their skill on the time and effort they put in
-a very bored person who has a lot of time on their hands
-loved the original diablo or diablo II
-if your friends play it and are good, you can ask for help to get good and then the addiction comes in
Yes, slaying the monsters can get boring after a little while. Addiction only comes when you start to get how to play and what items worth what so if you arent persistant at stuff like raking the leaves off your lawn in one time, you shouldnt get the game. If you dont have much time on your hands and you get addicted to this game, thats a problem. Personally i didnt have much time and after the addiction started, I started to suffer always procrastinating because of the game.

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