Waring PBB Top Blender and Why You Should Purchase this Blender

Jul 3, 2004
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Pros:Solidly constructed, works well, good looking machine, will have it for decades

Cons:None that I have found

The Bottom Line: A great blender that you will own three decades from now.

One of the best gifts we received from our wedding registery was a blender. I cannot tell you how many times we have thought about margarita's and other things that involve blending something and were unable because we did not have a blender. Alas, we now do and I think we have a pretty good one.

The Waring brand was the one that my mom suggested we look toward. Her belief is that they have been around forever and they have always been good to her. In other words, few spills and even fewer problems. So, that was what we went with on the registery and what we received as well.

The first thing that struck me with the Waring blender was that it looked exactly like the one my mom has had in the kitchen for as long as I can remember. The company maintains the utilitarian appearance through the years. We went with the black one and it involves a black base and lid along with the glass container and a few pieces of metal that basically hold the thing together. As with the one my mom has, my guess is that we will have thins one three decades from now. The Waring is very well constructed.

The blender has a two speed toggle switch that takes you from a pretty powerful speed to a very powerful speed. Two speeds are really all that you need in order to do everything that we have encountered.

You also have the glass container that fits into the base of the blender. The glass has the blades at the bottom that make the blender work when fitted together with the base unit and turned on. The container is solidly made and, in conjunction with the base unit, provides a heavy base that is a must for effective blender operation. Finally, the glass container is 40 ounces and contains both English and metric measurements.

The third part to the blender is the lid. Pretty simple here, folks. It simply fits into the top of the glass container and then you push down and you are good to go. The lid fits tightly enough that you do not have to hold it down while using the blender- a nice touch.

So, how about performance? Well, the Blender works quite well. We use it frequently for milkshakes and margarita's and have yet to have a problem. The ice we use for margarita's is easily crushed and blended into tiny pieces just like you would get at a restaurant. One caveat on performance; the more of something that you put in, the better the performance. So go ahead and pour all the ice cubes in. We usually will use the higher speed option as it makes the process faster and, quite frankly, I am not sure why you need more than one speed.

The blender is very simple to use, but if you need help there is a pretty good instructional guide. It also tells you safety information like reminding you not to put your hand inside while it is running. The guide also contains 12 recipes. We have yet to try any, but they look pretty simple. Finally, the thing is easy to clean. The base unit has to be cleaned by hand and without water, but the glass container and lid can be cleaned in the sink or in a dishwasher.

We have had the Waring Blender for almost six months now and could not be happier. It runs well and gets the job done. There is nothing more that I would look for in a blender. Without a doubt, I highly recommend the Waring Blender.

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