Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner in Ultimate Orange

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Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Ultimate Orange-Fantastic!

Feb 17, 2004
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Pros:Cleans everything well, takes on hard water, soam scum, and grease

Cons:Deciding which flavor/scent I will use next.

The Bottom Line: Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner in Ultimate Orange does a fantastic job all around your home.

I am forever looking for better cleaning products and testing them out. When I went to the grocery market the other day I found Mr.Clean. Mr. Clean has a much better reputation after the "Magic Eraser." Since then Mr. Clean has developed a multi-purpose cleaner for your home in various scents. I bought the "Ultimate Orange" which I like the scent of it very much.

Mr. Clean comes in 40 fl oz plastic container. There are various sizes that I have noticed but the 40 fl oz one was on sale. I love to sale prices. So for a measly $1.99 I picked up Mr. Clean with "Ultimate Orange" which has "natural orange extracts." It comes in a thin liquid that is orange and has a sturdy handle for you to pour.

Mr. Clean can be diluted with mixing a gallon of water with a 1/4 cup of Ultimate Orange. For tougher jobs, Mr. Clean recommends that you use it without diluting it. You can just pour the amount needed and then rinse and wipe.

1 - For a kitchen they recommend finished floors, walls, appliances, sinks, countertops, garbage disposals.
2 - For a bathroom they recommend toilets, tubs, fiberglass, diaper pails, doorknobs.
3 - As for as for tough jobs they say you can use Mr. Clean on garbage cans, pet areas, vinyl siding.

I use it in my bathroom for the toilet, countertops, bathtub and tile and the linoleum floor. In the kitchen I have used it to get the grease off of my stove which other cleaners were not equipped to deal with, and my countertops, my floor which is also linoleum.

Mr. Clean is a multi-tasking guy. Pretty much the Ultimate Orange can work on almost anything and keeps the house smelling like one big Orange all day. There isn't a need for ventilation in my case anyways. It doesn't have a cleaner scent to it that is harsh and unbearable like Clorox Clean Up. The Orange Scent is awesome to use, however they come also in 4 other scents. They four other scents I am not sure of and could not find on their website,

In any case, the Mr. Clean Ultimate Orange Multi Purpose Cleaner works very well. There is no ring in my toilet from all the hard water. My bathrooms smell wonderful and are clean top to bottom with Mr. Clean. The kitchen where grease can really build up on your stove and microwave, this is the perfect cleaner for you. It tackles the job and gets it done. The nice scent is just a great way to present the product to consumers.

There was Cautions about eye irritation should you get it in your eyes by accident. You would need to rinse your eyes out with water for about 15 minutes. If swallowed, drink 2 cups of water and call poison control center.

Ingredients: Cleaning agents (nonionic and anionic surfacants, squality control agents, perfume, colorant, water. It does not containe any chlorine bleach, phosphate or ammonia.

I highly recommend this product as I have saved money using one cleaner around the house rather than my 5-10. I urge you to check out Mr. Clean Ultimate Orange Multi-Purpose Cleaner. You will love the job it does.

Until Next Time,
KP Copyright 2004

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