The Ten Best Films with a Tragic Ending

Apr 15, 2001

The Bottom Line When people watch movies they always like to see happy endings. I do as well,but I think that Tragic endings are also very important. Here are the ten best.

10.)THE PLEDGE- This is a very recent movie starring My favorite actor of all time, Jack Nicholson, who portrays a cop who is just about to retire when a brutal murder and rape happens to a young girl. Jack's character swears to the parents of the young girl that he will find the killer. Some might say that it kinda has a happy ending, which I can see why they would say that but to me I felt it was very sad because.... Sorry, you'll have to see the movie.

9.)BLACK CHRISTMAS- One of the most under rated horror films of all time. This movie is about a female soriority house that is getting weird phone calls from some kind of lunatic. Little do they know that the killer is actually in the house. Very tragic ending, but considered to be an awesome film.

8.)MIDNIGHT COWBOY- This movie is one of the greatest from the 60's. It stars Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman in probably their best roles to date. It's about a young cowboy that comes to New York city in hopes of finding a job as a hustler. In New York is where he meets a man that most people call Ratso Rizzo who is played by Dustin Hoffman. You see a friendship grow between them that is unforgettable. Very sad movie, so I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like sad endings.

7.)A CLOCKWORK ORANGE- This movie is one of Stanley Kubricks best about a gang of misfits who go around causing trouble by raping, stealing and assaulting people. If you know what a clockwork orange means you probably already know what will happen in this film but if you don't you will probably enjoy the film even more. Some might say this does not have a tragic ending either but I think that Stanley Kubrick meant it to have one.

6.)CHINATOWN- Another film with the Great Jack Nicholson playing the lead role. This time he plays a private eye on the case of a big water scandal that eventually results in murder. Awesome detective movie with a very tragic ending.

5.)AMERICAN HISTORY X- Maybe one of the best acting performance I have ever seen in a motion picture by Edward Norton playing a skin head. A very racial film with lots of great scenes. The ending in also a very sad one.

4.)BRAVEHEART- The best war movie ever, This movie is outstanding in every sense of the word. The battle scenes in this movie are probably some of the best ever filmed and the cinematagraphy is also a masterpiece. This movie stars Mel Gibson as a Scottish war hero named William Wallace who leads Scotland into fighting for there freedom. Very Patriotic film with again, a very tragic ending.

3.)VERTIGO-I would have to say it is probably Hitchcock's best for the most part. It stars the legendary actor James Stewart as a ex- police officer who has a fear of heights. The movie contains many tragedies and is very disturbing.

2.)TWELVE MONKEYS- One of the best films of all time and easily the best sci-fi film of all time. This movie stars two great actors, Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis in a futuristic masterpiece. A man is sent into the past to stop a virus that destroyed man kind. Awesome movie that can be a little confusing at times.

1.)ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST- The best Motion Picture of all time. This movie is Jack Nicholson's best performance as a mental patient who really shouldn't be there. But ends up helping the patients more then any person could, by mainly treating them like people and friends. Very Heartwarming and provacative. A film Everyone should see!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my picks for greatest tragic films. I love these movies and I know you will too.

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