2000 Flushes Blue Plus Bleach

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Gives me pretty blue water and a clean bowl…2000 Flushes Blue plus Bleach

Mar 9, 2004 (Updated Mar 9, 2004)
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Pros:cleans bowl, lasts long, cheap enough


The Bottom Line: 2000 Flushes for a clean bowl.

I hate cleaning toilets with a passion. When I was a teenager, I would never volunteer to help my mother clean our bathrooms. But when I moved out on my own over 6 years ago, I was forced to clean my toilet or suffer with the dirt. Unfortunately, I cannot stand a dirty toilet (or house for that matter) and quickly learned the best way to keep my toilet bowl clean.

I went through a lot of toilet bowl cleaners before I finally found the one’s I tend to use regularly now. But I found that if I used an automatic bowl cleaner along with my weekly cleaning with a regular toilet bowl cleaner, my bowl would stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

So I searched around and discovered 2000 Flushes. I remember my mother using these tablets every once in awhile and thought that they did a pretty good job, I picked a box up at the grocery store. More specifically, I bought the 2000 Flushes Blue plus Bleach formula. This product comes in a bright blue box with two tablets included.

2000 Flushespromises that this product will clean up to 4 months.

Formulas Available:
2000 Flushes Bleach
2000 Flushes Blue plus Bleach
2000 Flushes Blue plus Detergents

This 2000 Flushes Blue plus Bleach formula has been a blessing to me. It has definitely helped me with the dislike of cleaning my toilet. With just myself in the house, and a visitor every once in awhile, my toilet bowl does not get that visibly dirty. No longer do I have to clean my toilet twice a week, but only once a week now because this stuff works to clean my bowl. I probably could get away with cleaning it less, but it would just bother me.

These tabs are a cinch to use. All you have to do is make sure you have cleaned your toilet thoroughly, then insert these tablets into the right side of your toilet’s tank. Then simply, flush your toilet once and watch the water turn pretty. One tablet will be the blue and the other will be the bleach. Please be careful not to touch the tablets, open the thick plastic wrapper and let them drop into the tank from the opening. And remember to wash your hands afterwards just in case your hands came in contact with the tablets on accident.

I used to buy just the regular 2000 Flushes until they came out with the plus bleach formula. Now I use this formula exclusively because it does seem to work better. The bleach works better on cleaning the porcelain and of course makes it more sanitary.

Another nice thing is the fact that the bowl water turns blue. It’s prettier to open your toilet lid and see blue water instead of clear! Courtesy of the “blue”, this stuff has a very minor scent to it, so you don’t have to worry about a harsh bleach smell in your bathroom. 2000 Flushes does give a little warning: if the supply of dye in the blue in the tablet was not sufficient, there may have been some oxidation of the blue that could result in a change in color from the standard blue coloring. No worries in my toilet blue, my water does turn blue. But if your water doesn’t, don’t worry about it, because the product is still working even without the pretty blue coloring.

This 2000 Flushes formula is also designed for any kind of toilet bowl and septic system. It is also alright to use another cleaning agent in conjunction with this product, although the company does not recommend using anything else inside of the actual toilet tank itself.

WD-40 Company
San Diego, CA. 92138
Made in USA

~ Happy Cleaning!


* Italic sentences are taken from box.

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