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Mar 9, 2004 (Updated Mar 9, 2004)
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Pros:great value, works well, see the crap come out of the food!

Cons:no timer, no on/off switch - have often left mine on, plastic cleaning thing crap

The Bottom Line: Highly recommended for all the reasons given. A great very USEFUL gadget at a great price - special offers

I bought mine at a bargain price of 15 pounds plas VAT from Makro wholesale about a year ago

I love it

It is the kitchen gadget I use more than any other except my electric kettle

The amount of crud which comes out of sausages etc into the plastic container is truly frightening and makes me very grateful that all this pure colesterol is being removed before i eat it

I wish it had a timer as some models do , but I have a small kitchen timer which I use with it

The flimsy plastic cleaning comb thing is a joke and I use a modified wooden spoon. which means I can attack it with a certain vigour without scratching it

It is very important to clean it as soon as it is cool enough to do so, as once the crud dries on, it is a real bugger to get off - trust me on this!

It also obviously, makes sense to pour out the gunge from the plastic trough thing before it solidifies !

It is also important not to leave things in it for too long, as they do dry out and lose a lot of their flavour

I use mine mostly for bacon - great, sausages - great, chicken breast - not so great - tend to dry out and go stringy, steak - brillaint, burgers - great and a few other meat things

You can do vegies in them apparently, but I don't myself
as I prefer to steam vegies in my steamer

This was a great 15 pounds worth and I would buy one again tomorrow

It is perfect for me living on my own , would be too small for a family I would expect - but there are loads of larger models available

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