The 10 BEST from an 11 year olds point of view

Apr 16, 2001 (Updated Apr 22, 2001)

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The Bottom Line Ask a one know better what is good, entertaining and funny to a child than an another child. :)

The 10 BEST from an 11 year olds point of view

I have recently read an review here on Epinions by danni_d called, Straight from my 7yr old.... (Be sure to stop by and check out her review on this topic as well, her little boy chose some great movies too) When she saw this topic on “10 best Children’s Movies“, she decided to ask her 7 year old son what his Top 10 movies were. What a great idea!!! What better way to find out the top children’s movies than actually asking a child what his or her favorites are. : )

So with this same idea in mind, I decided to give that same challenge to my son who is almost 11 years old. Here is what he came back to me with. I hope that this review will be of help to someone who is in search of some good movies for this age group. They have always said in the toy business, if you want to know what kind of toys that children would like the best, hire a child. Well, it is the same thing when it comes to which movies a child would consider being the best.

****Note- My son’s choices are only going to be from the “choices” of movies that I have allowed him to see. These are going to be his Top 10 from the movies he has seen. So... keep that in mind!

10. Chicken Run

On Mrs. Tweedy’s farm, all the chicken’s want OUT!!! They try every trick in the book to escape with no avail..... that is until “Rocky” shows up on the scene. Watch and laugh as Rocky (voice of Mel Gibson) helps these chickens escape. The animation or “Claymation” (as I like to call it) is really amazing.

Although, I wasn’t really impressed with this movie and didn’t really think it was all that funny, my son thought it was hillarious. (so there you have it, if that doesn‘t show a difference between a adult and child, I don‘t know what would)

Rated G for General Audiences
Approximately 1 Hr. 24 minutes long

9. Mouse Hunt

Two brothers inherit a “run down” abandoned mansion. They are not very happy with their inheritance until they discover that it is worth MILLIONS of dollars. All they have to do is sell the beat up old house, and cash in on the millions it is worth... sounds easy enough right? Well, as they prepare to sell the house, they find out that the house still has one resident..... an old house mouse. You will crack up as your watch the shenanigans of these two men as they go up against one of the most stubborn and hard to get “mice” you will ever meet. Who says that size matters?

I have to agree with my son, this movie is pretty funny.

Rated PG for Parental Guidance
Approximately 1 Hr. 38 minutes long

8. Disney’s Doug’s 1st Movie

My son has been a Doug fan for as long as I could remember. So having this movie make it to his top 10 list, doesn’t surprise me at all.

Join all the gang (Doug Funny, Patti Mayonnaise, Skeeter Valentine and Pork Chop) in this feature film made from the characters of the popular Disney series, “Doug”.

When Doug uncovers a mysterious secret of “Lucky Duck Lake” he is sure that this will make him as popular as ever, especially with a certain girl... Patty Mayonnaise. With the upcoming dance, Doug is sure that this will impress Patty enough to accompany him to the dance. Watch in anticipation as Doug not only gets a little “competition” with Miss Mayonnaise, but also discovers that there is more to the mystery at the lake than he had originally thought!

Rated G for General Audiences
Approximately 1 Hr and 23 minutes long

7.Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson

This is surely a Disney hit that you may remember from your childhood. Swiss Family Robison is tale of a brave and courageous family (Dad, Mom and three boys) that is shipwrecked on a deserted island.

Together as “one” the family overcome obstacles, protect themselves from wild animals, fight pirates and still manage to turn their NEW home into a paradise. Watch as the youngest son’s imagination helps the family, as the two older brother “fight” for the love of the same woman and a mother and father try their hardest to make the best out of a “bad” situation. Will they every get off the island or will they even want to??? You’ll have to rent the movie to see. : )

I am in total agreement with my son. Swiss Family Robinson was even a favorite of mine while I was growing up. I am glad that my children are able to enjoy it today.

Rated G for General Audiences
Approximately 2 Hr. and 6 minutes long.

6. Disney’s Flubber

Professor Phillip Brainard (Played by Robin Williams) has worked so hard on his latest invention that he even managed to miss his own wedding for the 3rd time!!!

As his invention of “flubber” (a green goo that when applied to anything enables it to bounce super high and FAST) becomes the “latest” thing.....will it be enough to win back the love of his life? It just may if it doesn’t get into the hands of the “evil” financier who is bankrolling the whole project. Rent this movie to see what the future holds for this professor and to see if the good guy always wins!

Rated PG for Parental Guidance
Approximately 1Hr. and 34 minutes long.

5. Disney’s Tom AND Huck

Tom Sawyer (played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and his friend Huck know EXACTLY what it means to get into trouble.... I mean right in the MIDDLE of it!

Tom and Huck witness a killing late one night at the hands of Injun Joe. They are forced to swear never to reveal what they saw. As time goes on, Tom finds himself in a real predicament about right and wrong. If he doesn’t say what he saw, an innocent friend may be hung... but if he does tell the truth .... his life may be in danger. What will he do???

Rated PG for Parental Guidance
Approximately 1 Hr. and 32 minutes long

4. Disney’s I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Jake Wilkinson (Jonathon Taylor Thomas) is a selfish, greedy and self-centered college student. After refusing to come home to his family for Christmas for the last several years, his father promises him a vintage Porsche if he is to come home for Christmas Dinner.

Join Jake as he tries with all his might to make it home before Christmas dinner. You will laugh at all the hilarious stunts he has to pull to get home as problem after problem arises for this young man. He may be overcoming obstacles to get what he wants but is hurting those who love him in the mean time. Does Jake make it home for Christmas? Does he get the Porsche? Or does he lose everything that he holds dear over what the “thought” was so important?

Rated PG for Parental Guidance
Approximately 1 Hr. and 26 minutes long.

3. Disney’s Man of the House

Yes, Jonathon Taylor Thomas AGAIN. (can you tell that my son like him???)

Jack (Chevy Chase) has found the woman of his dreams. He thought he was all set for happiness when he ran into one VERY big obstacle. Her 11 year old son, Ben. Ben is out to do whatever he can to get Jack out of the picture. Is he willing to hurt his mother’s chance at happiness? Is he willing to turn his back on someone who may turn out to be more than just a step dad to him? This movie is hilarious. Watch as Jack (Chevy Chase) does the most funniest and wackiest things to win the approval of the woman he loves and her son.

Rated PG for Parental Guidance
Approximately 1 Hr. and 37 minutes long.

Disney’s Mighty Joe Young

Joe (a 15 foot gorilla) has a wonderful life in Africa. His lifelong friend, Jill Young, (Charlize Theron) have grew up together playing, caring for each other and keeping each other safe in Africa. When poachers threaten Joe’s life, Jill moves Joe to the safety of an animal conservancy in California. But... what started, as a good idea was VERY short lived. Once others hear of Mighty Joe Young he becomes famous. But his notoriety makes him the target for a ruthless hunter that will do anything to capture Joe. Will Jill be able to save her friend before it is too late? Will Joe ever make it back to Africa?

Rated PG for Parental Guidance
Approximately 1 Hr. and 54 minutes.

1. Disney’s Remember The Titans

I will have to say right here that I was MORE THAN impressed with my son’s first choice. Not only do I agree that this is a wonderful movie, but it has become my personal favorite as well. It more than deserves #1 status on this and any list. You will NOT want to miss this movie.

Based on a true story, Remember the Titans is a film about how a town that was torn apart by race and distrust, comes together and comes out stronger that ever could be imagined.

1071- Football Coach, Bill Yoast (Will Patton) has led his team for Fifteen winning seasons. When Couch Yoast is demoted (due to two school merging) the other schools head football coach replaces him. These two men, as different as can be in EVERY sense, overcome their differences, and turn this mixed group of football players into a Team, Best Friends and Champions.

This movie will make you laugh AND make you cry. Never have I seen a movie that hit me right where it counts. You will ALWAYS remember the Titans. If you haven’t seen it yet I Highly Recommend this movie to the young and old alike.

Rated PG for Parental Guidance
Approximately 1 Hr. and 54 minutes.

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