A Coffee Maker that keeps Coffee hot!

Apr 17, 2001

The Bottom Line My final recommendation on How to buy a Coffee Maker would be research it out and compare in brand, features and prices.

When shopping for a new coffee maker there are a few things you will specifically want to look for. For an example a coffee maker that will actually keep your coffee hot would be nice. My coffee maker has a built in thing where after a certain amount of time it shuts itself off. Which is great for those really crazy mornings when I forget to turn the coffee maker off. But as a general rule it turns off before I get done drinking the coffee. So I would definitely watch for that kind of feature.

Other features to look for:

Some other really neat features to look for when shopping for a coffee maker could be the non-spill thing. My coffee maker has this really neat non-spill catch where if you pull the pot of coffee out before the maker is done brewing the coffee it catches and plugs up the drip whole where it doesn't continue to spill all over. I love this feature because my coffee maker always takes forever to brew. I almost always want a cup of coffee before it is done brewing.

Another feature to look for could be a clock and timer. My coffee maker has a timer you can set to start brewing. If you know you are going to be getting up at 6:00 am you can set this timer to start brewing 15 to 20 minutes before you get up. That way the coffee is done brewing when you get up. Your coffee is done and waiting for you, fresh and hot.

Overall things to look for in a Coffee Maker:

Most importantly you will want a brand name you can trust. I personally use the old faithful Mr.Coffee. It has done well for me. But there are a lot of different name brands to choose from. So do some serious research it will pay off. Read some reviews here on Epinions about particular name brands and prices. Look for brands with special features that you would like. Look for the size and capacity you need for your family. Then compare again in prices according to features, cause you can find affordable Coffee Makers that have the special features.

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