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Mar 16, 2004 (Updated Sep 26, 2004)
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Pros:Three good versions of the song, video, stickers, website

Cons:Picture gallery only has 4 pictures, interview is audio only

The Bottom Line: Buy it if you can find it cheap.

I love music, so I asked for a lot of CDs for my birthday, which is today. I received a lot of CDs from a lot of different singers, and among them were two Australian imports. One was this Hilary Duff single, Come Clean. The person I received this CD from paid $12.99 for it at Amazon.com, but I saw the same CD for as low as $6.99 at other CD stores.

So who is Hilary Duff, you ask? Well, she was the star of the successful Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire and The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Hilary recorded a song called “I Can’t Wait” for the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack, and the movie soundtrack included two of Hilary’s songs, one of which was the hit “Why Not.” After leaving Disney because Hilary and her mother felt her salary was too low (what else?), she decided to try becoming a bona fide singer, releasing her album Metamorphosis. The album’s first single, “So Yesterday,” did well on MTV and the radio, so Hilary’s next single “Come Clean” was released.

The CD I received includes three tracks, “Come Clean (Radio Mix),” “Come Clean (Rhythmic Mix),” and “Come Clean (Acoustic Version),” along with the video for the song and clips of interviews with Hilary. Come Clean is probably my favorite song by Hilary, and it’s quite a change from “So Yesterday.” The instruments include not only synthesizers, but also a moody guitar and pounding drums. The song starts off slow, then becomes more upbeat, and the song is not overly produced. Hilary’s voice sounds nice and natural, and the lyrics are actually meaningful. “I’m shedding, shedding every color… Trying to find a pigment of truth beneath my skin… ‘Cause different doesn’t feel so different.” The chorus is pretty catchy, too. “Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams… Let it wash away my sanity… ‘Cause I wanna feel the thunder, I wanna scream… Let the rain fall down, I’m coming clean.”

The Come Clean (Rhythmic Mix) is not all that different from the original. The lyrics are exactly the same, and the music is changed just a little bit. There are some weird sounds, I guess synthesizers, and the song is a few seconds longer than the radio mix. The Come Clean (Acoustic Version) is your chance to see what Hilary sounds like without a lot of instruments. There’s a soft guitar playing throughout, and Hilary doesn’t hold her notes as long as she does in the original. Both of these versions sound good, but I like the original better.

Clips of an Australian interview with Hilary are also included on this CD. Unfortunately, the clips are only audio, no video, and the whole thing lasts only six minutes. We get to hear Hilary’s thoughts on filming her movie Cheaper By the Dozen, being labeled “the most powerful teen in the world,” people she looks up to, and so on. Her answers are not exactly enlightening – “It was really fun,” “It was cool” – so the interview section is kind of disappointing.

The CD is enhanced, and the features include watching the music video for “Come Clean,” viewing a picture gallery, and accessing Hilary’s Australian website. The Come Clean Video shows Hilary sitting in a house, waiting for a hot guy to show up. I didn’t like viewing it on the computer because the actual video was very small, and a huge picture of Hilary takes up most of the screen. The picture gallery was nothing exciting, consisting of only four pictures of Hilary, which were taken during her visit to Australia.

You can also access Hilary’s website, www.hilaryduff.com.au. The site is very nice, with options to look at pictures of Hilary, listen to clips of songs, download a Hilary screensaver, read a pretty lengthy bio, and stay informed on the latest news. There is a list of all the albums Hilary’s songs have appeared on, including soundtracks, singles, her Christmas CD, and Metamorphosis.

A nice thing about this CD is the fact that it comes with “Collectable Hilary Duff Back to School Schoolbook Stickers,” although I don’t know anyone who would put these on their books for school. The stickers are glossy, with pictures of Hilary along with spots for you to write in your name, subject, and class. There are eight stickers, and each one features a different picture of Hilary. Six are color, and two are black and white.

Overall, I was happy with this CD. If you can find it for $6.99, this is a great value, but you’ll be disappointed if you pay $12.99. Come Clean is probably my favorite Hilary song, and I liked all three versions that are included on this single. Being able to watch the video, even though it is pretty small, is nice too, and I liked the stickers and Hilary’s website. If you can find it cheap, I recommend picking it up.

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