Orange Eliminator Instant Spot Remover Aerosol Spray

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Orange Eliminator Instant Spot Remover Aerosol Spray

Mar 18, 2004
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Pros:Tough on Stains, Scent is Orange and not a cleaner scent

Cons:Expensive for a 14 oz can

The Bottom Line: The Orange Eliminator Instant Spot Remover in Aerosol Spray is awesome and it cleans all those stains.

I may not have actual children but I have pets that I see as part of my family and as my own "children." I have a dog named Casey and my cat Junior. The problem with having pets is sometimes they make mistakes. I also foster kittens from time to time and they definitely make mistakes. So as time passes, you grab what you can for the moment and try your best to get out of your carpet. See the mistakes never are in the linoleum and tile, it is always on the carpeting. It doesn't help that we have wall to wall carpeting.

So I had to get tough with the stains and the pets. I still can't control it. Most of these "mistakes" occur when I leave the house for the doctor or to get the mail. So I am left with picking it all up. I have tried many different cleansers that promise to get out stains. When I ran out of my Spot Shot Cleaner, I had to look through my cleaners to find something else. Out came the Orange Eliminator from the Orange Glo International, Inc.

The Orange Eliminator comes in an aerosol can with a net wt at 14 oz. It states on the front of the can that it can be used on "carpeting and Upholstery." It also states that it is an "Instant Spot Remover." So I was ready to put the Orange Eliminator to work.

I looked over the Directions for Use and here are the basics:

1. If you have a liquid spill before using the Orange Eliminator make sure you have all the liquid up with a towel.

2. Before using the Orange Eliminator you want to shake the can with the cap on so nothing accidentally sprays while shaking it.

3. Spray the stain and wait a few minutes before blotting. You can repeat this step if it doesn't get done the first time.

The Orange Eliminator works well. I had coffee stains, urine from the kittens that had dried up and found after they were gone, vomiting, wine spills from my fiance, regular dirt that you bring in with your shoes and other places as well. I have to say that the Orange Eliminator worked like a charm. I didn't have a stained carpet through out my home.

What I did like about it was that it had an Orange Scent to it rather than a cleaner. I say that because I can have eye and skin irritations from other cleaners. I still use precaution with gloves and not getting to close to the spot that I spray. There are other cautions to take into consideration.

Since I live in the heat of the desert, you have to be careful with where you place your cleaners. It can be 115 degrees outside and you don't want to have the cleaner explode on you. I made the mistake with a hairspray bottle in the backseat of my old car.

The health hazards are what I mentioned, eyes and skin. The Orange Eliminator contains 2-Butotxyethanol, 2-Porpanol, and Alkaline materials. You need to avoid breathing in the spray while using it. The Chemical Scent is coveted by the Orange Scent.

Contact Information:

Orange Glo International, Inc.
Post Office Box 3998
Littleton, CO 80161

Call 1.800.781.7529

Overall my experience was quite positive and although I had grabbed it in a bind, I will surely keep a bottle on hand in case of the future stains. The Orange Eliminator cost about $6.99 from where I shop. Yes, It is a little Expensive but worth every penny. I love the Orange Eliminator. It actually works great. Perfect for my house. So I have to say that I will be a continuous customer since it is so great.

Until next time,
KP Copyright2004

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