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Garrity Industries E300G Rechargeable Flashlight

Mar 18, 2004
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Pros:Can be set for automatic turn on and its Ni-Cd cells are easily replaced.

Cons:Not intended for heavy duty usage.

The Bottom Line: For a nice looking, practically built rechargeable flashlight for inside the home use, the Garrity Industries E300G would be hard to beat.

The Garrity Industries E300G is a pretty standard looking rechargeable flashlight that can also be set to come on automatically if the outlet that it's plugged into should lose power (due to either a blown house fuse, tripped circuit breaker or a general power failure). The flashlight's normal on/off switch selects whether the "auto ON" feature is in effect.

The E300G uses two Sanyo AA rechargeable Ni-Cd cells, but the best part of that is that they are as easily
replaced as the cells in any flashlight. When you take the small holding screw out of the back of the
flashlight, and remove the plastic end cover, the 2 cells drop right out into your hand! My only question is
why did it take rechargeable flashlight manufacturers so long to discover that this is what many do-it-
yourself consumers have wanted all along? Every other rechargeable light I've had, and that's been quite a
few, used either sub-C batteries (or other odd-ball sizes) that had to be obtained from a specialty
electronics dealer and then the flashlight had to be disassembled and the new cells soldered in. Often, not
the easiest of tasks to accomplish. But AA size Ni-Cds or AA NiMH (also usable according to Garrity's
instructions) cells are now available through many ordinary walk-in retailers (Radio Shack, Wal-Mart,
Home Depot, etc.). It would be nice if other rechargeable equipment manufacturers would take a hint from
this very practical innovation.

Garrity Industries rates the E300G at one-hour of light when fully charged and 500 plus recharges. That's
probably a realistic prediction.

The E300G seems to be built well enough for non-commercial home flashlight use, but it's by no means
husky. If you need a light that will stand up to punishment, this is not the one for you. If you need a
flashlight for the occasional odd job the inside of the house, and one that's reasonably attractive when it's
plugged into an outlet that's easily seen, then you would do well to check out the Garrity Industries E300G
rechargeable. It's worth the modest price and should be much easier to maintain over the years than others.

By the way, in a pinch, the internal Ni-Cd cells could be replaced with plain non-rechargeable alkaline cells,
but one should NOT try to recharge cells that are not specifically meant for recharging. Cells that are not
meant for recharging won't provide much return power if recharging is attempted, and they can also easily
rupture when a reverse charge current is applied to them. It's just not worth the risk.

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