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Apr 19, 2001 (Updated Apr 27, 2001)

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The Bottom Line I enjoy many different kinds of movies. I like the ones with action, adventure, comedy, and especially the ones with hidden meanings, which I believe they all have.

I can not tell you how many times I have watched a single movie that I really enjoyed. I did that a lot, watch a movie over and over and again. These are just some of the movies I have watched time and again.

1.) Independence Day.. Great action. Many laughs. Will Smith is really good in this film. I believe it is one of his best. It has its bad moments, but then again what movie doesn't? And it has its hilarious moments. One of the many awesome and funny scenes is when Will is walking in the desert dragging the alien. A scene to be remembered would have to be when Harry Connick JR. is speaking as 'the good reverend'. Harry is a one of a kind actors also.

2.) Big Daddy.. Nice family movie. Not so much action as love. Possibly a movie to learn from. The relationship that grows fast between Sonny and Julian is amazing. For Sonny, who knows practically nothing about children, to gain trust from Julian so quickly is great... A child shows up at a guys house with a note claiming the child is the guys best friends son. The guy (Sonny) ends up taking care of the child (Julian)for a while. In the meantime, he falls in love with Julian and learning about parenting while teaching about childhood.

3.) Liar Liar... Funny. Jim Carrey plays a lawyer that cares about his son but puts his career and lies before him. As a four year old boy, Max, Fletchers' (Carrey) son, knows the difference between right and wrong. So when his father lies to him again, this time about coming to his fifth birthday party, he makes a wish. From this wish on this movie is a funny one. There is a sad moment here and there but the comedy just makes it even better.

4.) Phenomenon... Tear Jerker. John Travolta is magnificent in this flick. With his heart and mind on one thing, a woman, he will stop at nothing to get her. The night of his birthday something happens to him and he becomes smarter, in some ways, that is. It is always difficult to get the one your heart desires and with determination he proves to us 'if your mind is set on something, reach for the stars and stick to your guns'. You never know what will happen when you follow your heart. The only way to find out is to not be scared of what you are chasing.

5.) The Fox and the Hound... A children's movie, yes, but a good one. Everyone has a disguise and I think this movie teaches children about that. A persons disguise is their color but if you look beyond that you will see the true person and the kindness that comes from within. When children are young, like in the beginning Todd and Copper are, they don't know too much and they 'go with the flow' of things. As they get older, they learn about likes and dislikes, and get told who and what to like or dislike. True feelings (and friends) stay the same though. A friend is a friend forever.

6.) Face Off... Terrific performance by both John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. A broken-hearted father can not forgive his sons killer and dedicates his life to putting this killer behind bars, if not six feet under. After capturing this fugitive, he must make a decision that will affect his family and L.A. Will he or will he not make that decision? Watch the movie and find out. I loved it and I'm sure, if you're a Travolta/Cage fan and a fan of action you will too.

7.) The Lion King... Cute children's movie if I do say so myself. Just like young kids the little lion cub gets into mischief and trusting his uncle is lead from the kingdom where Simba should be king. The cute cub isn't alone for long though after he is befriended by Pumbaa and his companion, Timon. It's all a mystery whether or not Rafiki can help Simba back to the kingdom to become king. Timon and Pumbaa teach Simba what it is like outside the "circle of life" and how to survive without family members.

8.) Tom and Huck... This movie, starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Brad Renfro is also about mischievousness. A boy has fun with an old friend whom he is not supposed to be talking to. After witnessing a murder Tom and Huck agree not to discuss what they saw but Tom feels if he doesn't, it will lead to the hanging of their good friend. An innocent friend I might add. On the other hand, if he does speak up, he will get the knife, by Injun Joe.
It all started with a treasure hunt and ending with a valuable lesson. When someone you care about is in trouble you do everything in your power to help and not run away.

9.) The Land Before Time... Sad but cute.. I wouldn't mind watching it over and again with kids. Suitable for any age with an imagination. Littlefoot goes on a journey to find the legendary Great Valley that he's been told about by his mother and grandparents. On his journey he meets up with Cera, Petrie, Ducky, and Spike. They each had their own part in arriving at the Great Valley. They have many challenges and encounters with life and death situations. I think in the end they all enjoyed their little adventure.

10.) Sandlot.. The adventures of baseball. A boy not knowing anything about baseball meets a group of friends that has their life dedicated to the sport. Seven of the eight friends don't think Smalls (Tom Guiry) is fit to be on their team. Meaning they don't want to take the time to help him out and be his friends. But the leader of the group has a different perspective about him and teaches Smalls the game and how to play. They fear the dog behind the left field fence and most of their adventures are trying to retrieve balls that flew over that fence. Especially the ball Smalls took from his fathers trophy room.

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