Good GPS, lousy radio.

Apr 7, 2004
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Pros:Good GPS function, convenient size for hunting/hiking.

Cons:Poor radio function. Very limited compatibility with other mapping and Topo software.

The Bottom Line: Unless you don't need the radio I would stay away. Wait for someone else to release a like unit.

Bought this unit with a friend to use for hunting. I wish I had read some reviews first. We found that after a somewhat steep learning curve, the GPS functions were pretty good. The only GPS issue we had any trouble with was occasional signal loss because of terrain. The functionality of the pointer stick can be difficult with gloves, and I could do without some of the cartoon type screens. But overall, the GPS did what was expected of it.

But as for the radio, we were both VERY disappointed in its performance. Because you have to use the FRS frequency for the GPS unit to unit transmissions, you had to use the FRS for voice too. The FRS range was poor at best, especially when compared to the Motorola radios we have used for years. It became especially obvious when trying to use them vehicle to vehicle. Quite often conversation was not possible when more than 100 yards apart. We wound up carrying both sets of radios. The Rino's for GPS and the old Motorolas for talking.

All in all, we were both very unhappy with them, considering the price paid. If Motorola comes out with a unit like this, I will leave the Rino at home.

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