Bon Bini: Welcome to Aruba!

Apr 23, 2001

The Bottom Line Although Dutch is the official language of Aruba, the colorful local language is Papiamento. Learn some of the Papiamento phrases and you'll be a hit in Aruba.

The first words you'll probably hear when you arrive in Aruba are "Bon Bini!" Bon Bini means welcome, and you'll hear this phrase used frequently by the friendly and accommodating Arubans.

The Aruban languange, Papiamento, is only spoken on the Dutch Caribbean islands. It is a combination of Spanish, Portuguese, African, Dutch and Arawak Indian that has evolved over the years.

Most words are pronounced exactly as spelled. Helpful Papiamento phrases include:


Have a good day: Pasa un bon dia
Good Morning: Bon dia
Goodbye: Ayo
Good morning: Bon dia
Good afternoon: Bon tardi
Good evening: Bon nochi
Please: Por fabor
Thank you: Danki
Thank you very much: Mashi Danki (pronounced donkey)
You are welcome: Di nada
How are you?: Con ta bai (pronounced bye)
Very Good!: Hopi bon
I am fine: Mi ta bon
Miss: Yufrow
Mrs: Seņora
Mr: Mener
See you later: Te aworo


I am hungry: mi tin hamber
I want to eat: mi ke kome
Food: cuminda
Water: awa
Bread: Pan
Cheese: Keshi
Soda: Refresco


How much is it?:Kuanta e ta kost?
It is cheap: E ta barata.
Bad: Malu


0 zero, nul, nada
1 unu prome(r), di prome(r)
2 dos di dos
3 tres di tres
4 kwater, cuater (and so on)
5 sinku, cincu
6 seis
7 shete, siete
8 ocho
9 nuebe
10 dies
11 diesun
12 diesdos
13 diestres
14 diescuater
15 diescincu
20 binti
30 trinta
40 cuarenta
50 cincuenta
60 sesenta
70 setenta
80 ochenta
90 nobenta
100 cien
1000 mil

Days of the Week

Sunday: dia domingu
Monday: dia luna
Tuesday: dia mars
Wednesday: dia rason
Thursday: diaweps
Friday: diabičrne
Saturday: dia sabra


January: Januari
February: Feruari
March: Maart
April: April
May: Mei
June: Juni
July: Juli
August: Augustus
September September
October Ooctober
November November
December December

Action Verbs

to give: duna
to buy: kumpra
to sell: bende
to drink: bebe
to sleep: drumi
to sit: sinta

Before you leave this beautiful island, I guarantee you'll be saying Mi stima Aruba! (I love Aruba!)

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