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Good Ninja, Bad Ninja, I’m The One With The Spatula

Mar 18, 2001
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Pros:One of a kind sites, extreme humor at its best.

Cons:Always leaves me wanting more

The Bottom Line: One of the best web sites I have come across. Excellent customer service when ordering clothing. Side splitting humor - guaranteed to have you in tears.

Good Ninja, Bad Ninja, I’m The One With The Spatula

Welcome to the world of Ninja Burger. Where else can you order fast food online and have it delivered in record time? Seriously folks, these guys had my delivery on my kitchen table within five minutes of hanging up the phone. Strangely, they didn’t knock or ring the bell; they snuck in – undetected – left the food and exited. Not an easy thing to do with a house full of animals (and kids). Kudos’ to the honorable Kenshiro Aette, founder of the “fast as the wind” fast food palace – Ninja Burger.

Ninja Like

Anyone who is a fan of martial arts should check this site out. It’s just jammed packed with goodies – and there’s even cool Ninja Burger games coming in the near future. For now you can get a sneak peak when you check out the site and look for Ninja Fun on the right side menu. Please, don’t forget to Kiss The Ninja

So who are these guys? Surely there aren’t Ninja’s running around delivering fast food… Think again. These guys are fast but one ninja made what could have been a fatal mistake. He dropped his Blockbuster video card when he was jumping from the kitchen window. Herman Johnson, that doesn’t really sound like a Ninja-type name to me. I was expecting something a bit more…. a bit more…. Japanese. I am sure Herman will be reprimanded for this – don’t be too hard on him Kenshiro Aette – he’s still a N.I.T. [Ninja In Training]

Fashionable Ninjas

So you just can’t get enough Ninja Wear? When the guys from Ninja Burger aren’t behind the grill or delivering food faster than a speeding bullet they kick back and chill in one of their very own Ninja Burger t-shirts. Yes, that’s right. Act now and you can choose from two awesome styles in sizes ranging from small to XXXL. Prices vary depending on size and delivery location. Maybe I’ll be luck enough to grace the Readers Photos section some day. By the way, an XXL shirt will only set you back $17.00 – including shipping and handling. That’s not much when you consider the prestige and sheer awe you will receive when you were it out in public. The shirts aren’t cheap either – they are very thick, don’t shrink and draw a lot of attention. They even accept PayPal. Are these guys cool or what?

Ninja’s Love To Play

Turf War
Feel up to the challenge of defeating the out of shape, under paid, barbaric oafs as Samurai Burger? Set forth on an epic adventure in Turf Wars. Capture more of the neighborhood and win – help destroy the sloppy samurai once and for all. Silly samurai – burgers are for Ninja’s.

Be sure to play a few games of Nin-Ja-Toe, a ruthless modern version of that classic game, Tic-Tac-Toe. Beat the Ninja and be awarded – but lose and find yourself at their mercy.

Don’t worry, the fun doesn’t stop there, you can receive your very own, limited edition, ultra secret Ninja name. Be on the look out for up coming games – 9th Level Games and Ninja Burger are working on Ninja Burger: The Role Playing Game. Until then be sure to check out the great animation available so far.

Mommy, I Want The Ninjas At My Birthday Party

When you check out the site – and you will or you’ll find yourself incurring the wrath of the ninja’s - be sure to check the new menu items. My personal favorite is the Samurai Chicken Sandwich and the kids go nuts over the new Little Humans Menu. Ninja’s are available for birthday parties but they assume no responsibility for any damage, loss of limbs or other injury.. Children must be told not to move suddenly – or they will startle the Ninja – which will result in physical harm.

Employment Opportunities At Ninja Burger

If you aren’t happy at your current place of employment why not try out for the Ninja Burger Team. Don’t worry about any past criminal involvement, you don’t tell – they don’t ask. Some of the perks are free uniforms including Tabi boots and sword, exciting workplace and employee meals. If you are interested please fill out the online application. There’s even a 401K plan in effect – what more could you want? Besides - I hear the Christmas parties are killer.

The Bottom Line

So what is Ninja Burger really about? Humor, fast food and fun. The site is simple and easy to navigate but at the same time you can get lost in the pages and pages of pictures, games and events. Another great thing – no pop up banners every two minutes. The team at Aethereal Forge have done a tremendous job with this site – it loads quickly but isn’t short on graphics or photos. There are also links to the other Aethereal Forge sites listed and clickable from the top of the page. Those sites are Dark Park, Decay, Gamegrene, Ironclast and Power Grrrl. All of them are extremely interesting and certainly not run of the mill.

All too often humor / parody sites are created and the link is passed from person to person until it slowly fades away. This site is constantly changing and always has new photos of the Ninja team in action. I book marked it the first time I came across it and check it out about three times a week. I’ve never encountered it being down for an upgrade or had any troubles getting around the site in general. No broken links, no banner ads and once again I have to mention – no pop up ads.

I spend a lot of time on the internet and see a ton of websites – I don’t return to many of them but Ninja Burger is one of my personal favorites. It get my highest Freak Rating of 10 Stars – or in this case 10 Shurikens.

Visit the hardest working Ninja's today at

Ok, so Ninja’s aren’t really going to show up with fast food. I just had to write a review about this site – I was in tears from laughing so hard. [sorry honorable Ninja] Regardless of what you’re subconscious tells you; no Ninja will visit your residence.

No Ninja were hurt, tortured or mutilated in the writing of this review. All reviews are Ninja cruelty free and contain no recycled Ninja parts.

Over one hundred million served… are you gonna argue with a Ninja?

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