The medicine depends on the type of gas

Apr 24, 2001

The Bottom Line Gas is natural - and not just embarrasing, it can HURT. Listen to your body - and coax it to listen to YOU.

Gas - burping, belching (eruction) type gas? Or the bloated, gut pain, 'crepitation' (poots) type gas?

Upper gastric gas (the belching type) is commonly caused by ingesting air with your food. This often comes with eating too fast, drinking carbonated beverages, and certain types of foods. This type of gas commonly responds to the anti-gas chemical simethecone, found in antacid/anti-gas products like liquid Mylanta. Check also for certain types of foods as the culprit - it's not nearly as common, but it can be a cause.

The lower gastric system can be a different animal. Bloating, cramping, pain, and passing gas are uncomfortable and sometimes rather severe. This type of gas is usually produced by foods - beans, cabbage (cole slaw), broccoli, hot dogs, cauliflower, certain spices, milk (especially in those lactose intolerant - check that out, also) and dairy products, etc. Two products are on the market and worth looking in to: Beano and simethicone (Gas-X, etc.).

Beano is a natural food-grade product that can be taken in pill or liquid drops form with the offending food. It is very effective in preventing painful levels of gas in the lower tract.

Gas-X is one brand of the chemical product simethicone, the commonly marketed anti-gas product. This is the same product found commonly in the Mylanta-type products, but comes in capsule form. It also is best taken with the meal of gas-producing food.

As mentioned above, lactose-intolerance can be quickly discovered if the discomfort is confined to a reaction to dairy products: milk, cheese, ice cream, whipped cream, etc.. It is also possible to have an allergy or intolerance to some other food, such as wheat, but these are more rare.

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