Foster's is NOT "Australian for Beer"

Apr 26, 2001

The Bottom Line Foster's is NOT "Australian for Beer". It's not true blue or fair dinkum. It's a big fat marketing lie.

As a beer-loving Australian I feel qualified to provide a few pointers on what one should know about Foster's. Most consumers are familiar with Foster's advertising slogan "Australian for Beer". The Carlton and United Brewing Company, the Melbourne-based brewery who own the Foster's brand, have done an outstanding marketing job in associating Foster's with all-things Australian in the minds of foreigners. Even my wife's fifteen-year old High School students know that Foster's is "Australian for Beer". They've probably seen the ad's in Rolling Stone. Due to their successful marketing campaign, Foster's Lager is one of the best-selling beers in the world.

There is another side to this situation, however. Firstly, it must be stressed that the Foster's consumed by American drinkers is not made in Australia. It is produced in Canada, under license. So don't be fooled by the "Imported" tag on the label. Foster's in America is not true blue, not fair dinkum. It's fake. One of my colleagues flew into a rage of indignation when I pointed this out to him at the bar the other day. He felt deceived and cheated. And indeed he had been. He thought he had been drinking a genuine Australian brew. The Foster's consumed in Europe is not made in Australia either. I suspect that the only place you will find Australian-made Foster's is in Australia.

Secondly, Foster's bases its marketing campaign on the notion than Foster's is the quintessential Australian beer. This too is a lie. You will be hard-pressed to find any Aussie drinking Foster's in Australia (or anywhere else for that matter). Most Aussie's drink beers produced in their home State. For example, Victorians prefer Victoria Bitter (VB) or Carlton Draught (made in Melbourne), Queenslanders prefer XXXX and Power's, while New South Welshmen swear by Toohey's. In fact, you risk a beating by ordering anything other than the choice of locals in some pubs. Australian's like to joke that Foster's is made for the Yanks who couldn't tell a good beer from horsepiss.

So, now you know that Foster's isn't made in Australia and isn't the first (or second, or third) choice of Australians. So that kills several reasons for drinking it. The only reason to drink it is the taste. If you were raised on Bud Light or Coors Light you may think Foster's is quite a good beer. However, if you have more discerning taste buds and like a beer with more depth, flavor, and kick, you will be dissapointed by Foster's.

In conclusion, I advise you as a patriotic Australian to steer clear of Foster's. It's a scam.

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