Palmolive Dish Wipes - Original or Lemon

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Palmolive Dishwipes! Great Product!

May 3, 2004
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Pros:They are very easy to use and they clean well

Cons:They can get costly.

The Bottom Line: I have trusted Palmolive for many years and this is another great product!

The other day while shopping in my local Wal Mart I came across one of those new products that we now find so many of! So, I picked one up and look it over and thought that since it was a sample packet I couldn’t go wrong in trying it. I do like sample packs because they are a cheaper way to try a product.

I am very impressed with this new product and will certainly use them all the time. Hey, it’s just another way to make life easy. Now mind you not all people will like them and some will even say “Not me!” I can still use a dish cloth!” And this statement is true but why bother anymore!

The Product

Palmolive™ Dishwipes® Original scent disposable clothes are pre-treated with dish liquid and will help make the dishwashing easier! They are full of soap and last a long while. In fact, there is enough soap to do a sink full of dishes! And, if you only have a few to do you can still use the wipe again later before throwing it away.

The cloths are about the size of a regular dishcloth, maybe a little larger even: 6.5 X 7.75. They are easy to use and smell great. They are green in color and very soft to the touch. After adding water to one you will find a soapy cloth that cleans the dishes so easy. They are tri-layered making them just right for a long use.

They are not like paper towels at all but more sturdy for washing dishes. They are stronger and can stand up better for washing dishes. The texture of the cloth is soft yet has coarse fibers in them to clean those tough stains.

And of course the Palmolive™ Dish Soap cleans really well, cutting through the grease and grime of those dirty dishes and leaving a sparkling shine behind with no soapy residue. And you get soft hands as well!

You can get them in Original or Lemon Scent. When you are done with one simply throw it away. Less mess to have to wash and fold!

Company Information

You can go to the website and print off a coupon for a .75 cents savings.

You can call at:


Palmolive is part of the Colgate™ Company.


Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use with Chlorine Bleach.

Not for personal use either.

They are not dishwasher safe and you should not flush down the toilet.

How I Feel

After I used mine to wash the dishes with I also used them to wipe the counter tops and have found that they hold up for along time! I liked that a lot! I was afraid that they would not last long at all and leave soap behind, but they did not.

I even wet one to use directly on the countertop and found that although soapy I was able to wipe clean the dirt with no problems as well as the soap. Worked great on the stovetop also. I even used it on the front of the refrigerator and was able to clean the dirt left behind by those little hands that live in my household, leaving a clean and nice sparkling shine behind. I was afraid that because they were so soapy that I would have a hard time getting the soap off but not at all. I took a damp dishcloth and wiped behind the wet Dishwipe® with no problems at all.

I also found that cleaning the pots was a breeze! This surprised me as well because the pots get so dirty and greasy sometimes. But, these Palmolive™ Dishwipes® did really well on all pots and pans! And I also found that I could use them in the small, tight corners of my Corning ware™

I liked the softness of them also and the fact that they left my hands feeling soft. I was impressed with the soap amount in each cloth and how soapy they lathered up. And I really liked being able to throw them away!

Try a trial size package first to find out if you will like them or not. The trial size cost about .80 cents. For a carton of 20 you will pay around 4.00 depending on where you shop.

I love Palmolive™ products and have used them for many years!

I hope that this has helped in some kind of way!

God Bless!

©LKD 2004

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