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A bit harsh
by translinkfan
After reading this review, you have to realize that it is NOT easy buisness in the cruise industry, a lot of money is spent to bring you extrordinary service, you could atleast not come down so harsh on Oceana Cruise. I respect that your experience wasnt up to par to you, thats your opinion, but you have to realize the company is trying to give you the best bang for your buck. Dont just worry about these littl imperfections, just relax and just enjoy yourself.

Also a side note: cruise companies dont own the ships because it costs just too much to do so, therefore, they lease ships.
Aug 26, 2012
11:39 pm PDT

Re: Don't think this experience is typical for an Oceania cruiser
by sweetsue_98
If you would notice when this was written, it was a very long time ago. Our experience was not good, but maybe they have improved. We have moved on to the premium lines at this point.
Feb 8, 2012
10:26 am PST

Don't think this experience is typical for an Oceania cruiser
by jjojo
I just returned from a 12 day Oceania cruise and everything, with the exception of destination services, was 5 star. All other reviews for Oceania say just about the same thing. In reality, Destination Services is outsourced and I don't think they are better or worse then any other cruise line. I would sail them again in a heartbeat!!!
Feb 7, 2012
8:19 am PST

Oceania is Great
by kamboy
Every person has their own experience on cruise ships, of course, so I'm not passing judgment on hers. But mine is simply the opposite. I'm an experienced cruiser and I find Oceania one of the most passenger friendly lines in the business. So, don't base any booking decisions on one person's unfortunate travel experience.
Oct 31, 2010
5:37 pm PDT

So not true Sweet Sue
by bfz1189
I just read the comments from the lady in the Penthouse Suite who had to ask for services (horrors-did she want them to read her mind?) and pay extra for classes etc. I went on an Oceania Cruise with my husband 4 years ago and we both enjoyed it so much we are going back this year. The service was impeccable. We had one minor complaint and they took it so seriously we were treated like royality for the rest of the trip. That is not to say the service had been poor before; on the contrary it was excellent. The food aboard the ship was almost consistantly wonderful. Well prepared and well presented. We have both stayed in 5 star hotels and eaten in 5 star restaurants and I will have to say the Oceania holds up well in comparison. I highly recomend this Cruiseline unless you are one of these people who re never satisfied.
Jul 24, 2010
2:01 pm PDT

Oceania Regatta
by volendam
I totally disagree with the bad rating of Oceania's Regatta.I have sailed on Oceania 6 times , 4 of which were on "Regatta" and never had any problems at all, the staff couldn't have been nicer , and our Butler was fantastic...!The food and service is always exceptional..!
Iam sailing again on her in March , and look forward to the transatlantic days at sea.
This trip will be my 50th cruise ( total ) , and I look forward to many more on "Oceania"
Jan 26, 2010
10:58 am PST

Do NOT base your Oceania cruise decision on this review!
by peregrinater
My wife and I recently were on the Oceania Nautica cruise, "Aegean Adventures". We had a great cruise, and would highly recommend Oceania to anyone contemplating them. It is hard to believe the reviewer is discussing the same cruise line that we went on!

I have read the complaints from this poster numerous times, and honestly can't agree with her assessment. Either Oceania has dramatically changed since she went on her cruise, or something was very unusual and atypical with the particular cruise she took, or she is simply difficult to satisfy.

We met quite a few repeat Oceania cruisers on board. If Oceania was so aweful, people wouldn't go back for more!

There are lots and lots of comments posted about Oceania on another cruise critic website's discussion boards, and the numerous positive comments far, far outweigh the few negative comments.

I simply can't find anything to support this reviewer's strong headline, either from my personal experience, from talking to other people who have cruised with Oceania, or from searching the internet for other opinions and comments.

I'm a big believer in sharing opinions, both good and bad. But when one makes such a generalization, or a blanket warning, I think it warrants scrutiny and research. Well, I have now done my homework, and can recommend taking this review with a BIG grain of salt!

Happy Travels!
Jun 4, 2009
9:27 am PDT

Oceania Regatta was Great in 2008!
by edaf
My wife and I and two friends sailed on the Regatta in the Baltic in 2008. All of us had sailed before but were not great fans of cruises. But we LOVED the Regatta and the Oceania operation. We had very good rooms, great food, and were not regimented or treated like cattle. The tour operation was a bit weak, but we prefer to wander on our own most of the time, so it was not a big problem for us. We had been thinking our cruising days were over after being on Holland America, Celebrity, and a couple of others. Now, we are planning to sail the Med next year, but only on Oceania. We give it four stars!
Apr 8, 2009
11:15 am PDT

Oceania Service is Excellent
by rsackste
I just sailed on Oceania's Nautica in June, 2008. The service in every area was the best of any cruise line I have sailed on in 24 cruises.
Jul 5, 2008
11:39 am PDT

Excellent Service on Oceania's Nautica
by rsackste
Oceania's Nautica in June, 2008 had the best service I have ever had on a cruise ship.
Jul 5, 2008
11:22 am PDT

Oceania is great.
by sjpfla00
Every cruise has a "sweetsue_98". You know the one. Usually big bleached hair and loud. The world owes her a living. We love Oceania and this next cruise will be our third. Not cheap but lots of class AND great service.
May 7, 2008
12:54 pm PDT

Re: Doesn't jive with Yahoo Groups Oceania Cruiser
by sweetsue_98
Do not believe everything you read on the yahoo groups board about Oceania, many of them are travel agents, and are pushing this cruise line. I would recommend Celebrity, but it is your money.
Nov 26, 2004
5:22 am PST

Doesn't jive with Yahoo Groups Oceania Cruiser
by jeemmorrison
We have booked a cruise this upcoming summer on the Regatta and after reading this review, we wondered if we should cancel. But reading the reviews written by a number of passengers on the Yahoo Groups Oceania Cruiser discussion group, it is obvious that a number of people have a different opinion. Overall, the reviews are excellent. So this one may be an outlier.
Nov 25, 2004
7:39 pm PST

Not silence exactly
by randomkill
But she still seems unable to answer you.
Jun 22, 2004
8:52 pm PDT

Quote Sweet Sue :
by randomkill
If you are going to NR......don't be a chicken!

Jun 15, 2004
7:14 am PDT

Re: Re: Re: So...
by Petra
So ... if we openly NH each of her reviews, you think people would be MORE outraged than about her leaving anonymous NH's, or would we still look better?

Hmmmm... the latter. Definitely the latter.
Jun 15, 2004
2:50 am PDT

Sweet Sue
by randomkill
Jun 14, 2004
10:37 pm PDT

Re: Re: So...
by drdevience
What Petra said...

NH on mine too from you, no explaination. Hidden indeed...Did you really think we couldn't check that?

Jun 14, 2004
10:25 pm PDT

doing other things unto others...
by randomkill
"No, I am not gone. I just have been busy doing other things."

Anonymous revenge rating perhaps?

Let's refresh your memory... NH
Jun 14, 2004
9:08 pm PDT

Re: Re: So...
by _haggis_
Lady, I don't know you from Adam, but I gotta say it sounds to me like you got a broom stuck up your behind. It's true, there may be cruises from hell, but there can also be passengers from hell. I've seen lots of them, and from what I've read here, you seem to fit that description. Does it really bother you so much that you actually have to ask the staff for something? Or is that beneath you?

If you have issues with the fact that you had to pay for various activities you thought should have been included with your trip, that suggests to me that you didn't do your homework.

Sorry. Just my spin on it.

Jun 14, 2004
8:29 pm PDT

Re: So...
by Petra
Ah yes! While we're at it, could you explain why you rated my Writers' Corner piece NH?

It's not a product review, so NH doesn't really apply unless it's full of typos and grammar errors and racist comments or abusive stuff or insults or something... I really don't understand how it could possibly be NH, being a Writers' Corner piece.

So I'd truly appreciate if you would leave some helpful comment as to what I need to improve upon.

Jun 14, 2004
3:28 pm PDT

Somehow I missed this when you posted it.
by popsrocks, popsrocks is a Lead on Epinions in Hotels & Travel
Good to see you reviewing. I hope you can find a bit more time here and there to contribute more.

May 29, 2004
2:14 pm PDT

Re: Well??
by sweetsue_98
No, I am not gone. I just have been busy doing other things. Hope all is well with you.
May 5, 2004
12:37 pm PDT

by ginzo
Where you been hiding ??
I thought you were gone !!
May 5, 2004
11:41 am PDT

Sounds Horrible
by SurgRN911, SurgRN911 is a Lead on Epinions in Hotels & Travel
I really don't expect that I'd be in that neck of the woods to be cruising with this line, but good information to have in case anyone asks me.

Thanks for a great review!

May 4, 2004
2:08 pm PDT