Saran Quick Covers Variety Pack

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Keep your food fresh with Saran Quick Covers Variety Pack

May 4, 2004 (Updated May 4, 2004)
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Pros:easy to use, keeps food fresh, can overfill bowls

Cons:cannot stack anything even slightly heavy on top

The Bottom Line: Overfill your bowls and still keep the food covered and fresh.

Browsing through Target often gets me in trouble, but I just cannot avoid that store for the life of me. Whenever I pass, I feel compelled to go in even if I don’t really need anything. I can find something that I need when I get into the store though. Sometime last year, I happened to come across these Saran Quickcovers when I accidentally went down the wrong aisle.

The bright red box on the shelf caught my eye and I stopped to see what it was. Of course, I had heard of these covers, but I had never tried them so I picked up a variety box and went on my way. I picked the variety pack because I have several different sized Pyrex Bowls that I thought I could use these covers for.

The variety pack includes 4 small covers (8-1/2 in.), 3 medium covers (12-3/4 in.) and 3 large covers (17-1/4 in.) for a total of 10 covers in all. These covers come in a variety of different colors and some even have designs on them. The designs vary depending on what size covers you buy. The covers have an elastic band around the outer edge that allow you to stretch them over your bowl, and also allows them to fit snugly around your container to keep the food inside fresh.

The Saran Quick Covers come in two different sized packs: medium and variety. I prefer to buy the variety pack because I use them on different sized bowls and dishes that I have. I even use them on plates when I have leftover food and intend to eat later…that way I don’t have to wash the dish until I am actually done.

I have come to love using these covers because they are easy and versatile. If I pull out a bowl without a cover, I can count on these Saran Covers to keep the food fresh in my refrigerator. Another thing is that if I pull out a bowl and discover afterwards that the bowl is too full for the lid, I can just pop one of these covers of the top instead. There is no need to empty the contents into a larger bowl. It saves me the mess of cleaning up the too small bowl again.

I have actually used these covers on many of the glass Pyrex products that I have, because they don’t have lids. Because I buy the variety pack, I always have one size that would fit my dishes, including the Pyrex 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set, the Pyrex 8” Square Baking Dish, and even the Pyrex Rectangular Baking Dish.

What I love the most about these covers is that they can be used in the refrigerator and in the microwave when reheating dishes. Using them in the microwave can save you cleaning time because they prevent food from getting all over, even though it is recommended that you cut a few slits in the top for ventilation. But be careful when heating on high because the steam tends to settle in the cover and can become hot to the touch when removing.

Another great use for these would be for outdoor picnics. My aunt used these for a weekend summer picnic we had to keep the bugs away and the food from drying out while it sat outside for most of the day. She even used the larger cover to make sure that the watermelon stayed juicy and fresh.

Although I don’t do it often, I can also reuse these covers. Because they are plastic, they are easily washable and you can leave them set out to dry for about a day. Some may find it unsanitary, but they are plastic and come as clean as any plastic bowl or utensil would. If I am using it to cover dry ingredients or things like cookie dough, the cover will not even touch the contents of the bowl, so I don’t see anything wrong with washing the cover and reusing it.

I purchased this Saran Quick Covers Variety Pack from Target, but they are also available at most other discount stores, grocery stores, and even online at (if you can believe that). I usually buy my variety pack on sale at Target when they are 2/$4, otherwise you’ll be paying around $2.99 a pack. Which actually isn’t all that bad considering the use you get out of them.

Overall, I am definitely going to give these covers 5 stars and recommend them to everyone because they are just that great. They definitely save time and keep my food fresh.

SC Johnson & Son, Inc.
Racine, WI 53403

~ Happy Covering!


* My special thanks to Amy for adding this product quickly for me.

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