The best paid-to-surf programs around now.

Apr 29, 2001

The Bottom Line I'd recommend signing up for a few or more of these programs. I mean it can't hurt can it? It can only help and is really no trouble.

I'm a member of about a million paid-to-surf programs and never go on the internet with out one or more of them running. I'd say I've made about $300-400 dollars total within about 1 1/2-2 years using them. Lately a lot of the paid-to-surf programs are going way downhill and really aren't worth using for the 1-3 cents an hour they pay. Now, not all the programs I'm listing have a great pay-rate, but they are the one's that work best for me so maybe they'll work good for someone else too.

The programs I'm using


Easy to use, averages about 49 cents an hour, plus there are a ton of other ways to earn money. I've received 1-2 checks from them so far and almost have earned enough for another one. They pay for referrals also. This is one of my favorite programs. If you'd like more info feel free to check out my epinion on the subject at


It doesn't have the highest rates out there but it's pretty good. In double banner mode you can earn $0.18/hour for up to 50 hours which is $9.00/month. In single banner mode you can earn $0.10/hour for up to 90 hours a month which is also $9.00/month. They pay for referrals too. The most unique thing about this programs is how they pay. They pay by eCount which is sort of like a webcertificate ( but not quite. They are affiliated with Mastercard and you get a Mastercard number that you can spend anywhere online that accepts Mastercard. You can also request to have a check sent to your house from eCount.


The average rate per hour here is about 6 cents. Not a lot I know but I do pretty well with this program anyway. This is probably because their paybar is SO easy to use. I've never had even one problem with it. It just sits there and always counts your time, never breaks and is just so simple. I've received one check from them so far and am almost up to my second. They pay for referrals too. You can also be paid by PayPal for this program.

So, those are the three I use on a regular basis and I do pretty well with them even without a ton of referrals. I have to say though, the program I probably made the most with was AllAdvantage before they went downhill. Too bad! If you're interested and want to check out some other pay-to-surf, paid-to-read-e-mail, etc. programs you can check out my website. I review everything there whether I'm still a member or not. The address is

Good luck!

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