My Remedy For A Sunburn- You Have Not Tried This!"

Apr 30, 2001

The Bottom Line The remedies I have described will provide instant relief for your sunburn,and help replenish moisture to skin. Fair skinned or not.

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Sunburned? Itchy and Red? Miserable? Then I've got a remedy for you. Below are my 2 remedies to stop miserable sunburn pain and itching. My first remedy is for highly sensitive, or fair skinned people. The second remedy is for people with regular (non-fair skinned), easy tannable skin, with sunburns.

My Remedy For Sunburns on Highly Sensitive Fair Skin

This remedy will relieve (for most fair skinned people who aren't allergic to any products I have listed below) your sunburn from the painful sting, the itchiness, and the dryness and peeling. It will allow you to be comfortable while coping with your sunburn. And if your skin is like mine, this remedy itself is close to a miracle in relieving your skin.

Important: The main part of this remedy only works if you do these steps within 24 hours of your sunburn.

1. Take a luke warm no-soap shower without rubbing your skin with anything such as a wash rag (which can be rough and aggravate sunburned skin) or a loofah or towel. Just rinse the sweat, lotions, etc. off your skin. Do this for about 10 minutes. Note: If washing hair, be sure not to let shampoo run over sunburn, as this will highly aggravate it. Do not stay in the water longer than this because to much water exposure right after a sunburn will dry out your sunburned skin even more making it even more itchier. But rinsing off the residue is a must as described above in order for sunburn products to work.

2. Get out of the shower and "pat" yourself dry with a towel. DO NOT RUB SUNBURNED SKIN WITH A TOWEL!

3. Now, this next step you have to be a believer. I ignored my dad for years about this suggestion. Kids never listen to their parents. I am sorry I ignored his suggestion for so many years. (This is the main part of this remedy. It has to be done within 24 hours). Important: I have not tried this remedy on children. So, I only advise this for adults.

If you have a clean spray bottle (like one you buy to put water in for spraying hair or body when sunbathing) fill it up with ordinary every day vinegar. Yes, I said vinegar. You say "I am not spraying that stinky stuff on my body. This woman's nuts." Well, don't shoot it down until you've tried it. Don't be ignorant for years like I was. LOL Believe me. The smell almost totally vanishes from your skin after about an hour. I go to the store without feeling self-conscious about the smell because it's almost undetectable unless someone puts their nose on your skin and sniffs. (And if they do that then they have strange problems.) Spread a towel on the floor/carpet and move any unnecessary objects you don't want sprayed out of the way. (For arm spraying -I usually stand on the towel and lean over the sink). Spray the vinegar on your sunburned parts ONLY. Let it drip and dry. DO NOT RUB! If severely burned spray lightly again on sunburned area after a few minutes. You may pat vinegar after about 5 minutes if still dripping. Usually, the vinegar is dry by 5 minutes or less. After vinegar is dry, you can get dressed. I have never had dried vinegar on my skin damage any of my clothes. Wear comfortable clothes which are not tight or covering sunburned area(s) if possible. The sunburn needs to be exposed to air and not covered. I am telling you, on my skin, this vinegar is a miracle worker. It's a wonder product. Meaning, I wonder how it works so well.

Immediately after applying to my skin, I feel relief. My sunburn does not itch, does not sting, and does not hurt. You may still get joint point from a deeper burn but not on the outside. NO skin pain. Let me just skin is unusually fair and highly sensitive to everything. When I sunburn it feels like poison ivy without the rash. Extremely itchy, lobster red, unstoppable stinging, and very painful. I am extremely light complected. Before this relief was out of the question. Believe me. You don't have to be in miserable sunburn pain anymore! I'll bet not many people have worse skin for burning than me. This works and you have got to try it. Make sure you are not allergic to vinegar or anything in it. I wasn't....amazing. I use distilled white vinegar. After using the vinegar I can go watch TV, tend to my kids, and even sleep well. Wow! For me, this is an absolute solution which I have been doing for about 3 years. If only I would have listened to my dad sooner. I thought I'd be miserable every summer for the rest of my life. I used to get in a bad mood instantly when I got sunburned knowing what I would have to go through, but now I know that I can help my sunburn and feel comfortable. I wear sunscreen on long days in the sun, but if it wears off or I missed a spot and I get burned, or if I go to an unexpected place and don't have my sunscreen with me and I get burned, at least I know relief is around the corner. Although I advise always wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from burning and skin cancer, sometimes you don't have it on hand or with you. I believe the vinegar actually helps heal and repair your skin.

The next step after the initial step above is to apply the vinegar again approximately 4 hours later, or if your skin starts burning again. Results will vary with individual people. After second or third application of vinegar, I suggest a product that goes hand in hand with the vinegar. This is an ever so important part of my remedy. After 3 or 4 coats of vinegar or the next day...whenever stinging stops without using the vinegar (usually the next day), apply Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion. (See my Epinion article on this product called "Not Just For One Use...But 5!") If you are not severly sunburned, after 2 coats of vinegar the stinging should stop. After Sun is never greasy. Applying the After Sun Lotion gives your skin a calm, cooling, refreshing sensation while replenshing your skin with moisture, aloe vera, and vitamin E. This cream colored lotion can be used on all areas of the skin on your body, including the face. After Sun can be purchased at any store having a Health/Beauty section. This lotion can be used as a daily moisturizer also. Apply the After Sun every 4 hours. If done faithfully, according to my experiences, severely lobster-like sunburned skin will NOT peel and be dry. Therefore you keep your tan. For me, 95% of the time I did not peel. Wow! Again, for me, this a truly remarkable accomplishment. I would not spend all this time writing about this remedy if it did not work so well for me. I hope it works for you as well!

While doing the remedy listed above...if I'm extremely sunburned, I also drink 3 full glasses of water over the course of the day since our skin is deprived of so much water when sunburned. I believe this helps also in replenishing lost water to the skin. If it's hard for you to drink that much water at least drink 1 or 2 full glasses.

My Remedy For Sunburns On Regular (non-fair) Skin or Very Light Sunburns

For the lucky ones who have regular, easy to tan skin or for the lightly sunburned this remedy should work for you.

1. Take a shower as described above and pat yourself dry. Skip the vinegar part (although you might like to try it to see if your skin feels better after your sunburn heals). Apply the Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion (As mentioned above, see my Epinion article on this product called "Not Just For One Use...But 5!") directly to the lightly sunburned area. This will instantly calm, cool, and refresh you skin by replenshing the moisture and balance to your dry sunburned skin. The many wonderful ingredients (see above paragraph) including aloe vera and vitamin E give your skin the strength back it needs to heal and feel over all comfortable. Re-apply every 4 hours. Also, use After Sun anytime to moisturize your skin and make it feel great. You should not peel if used faithfully. Depending on burn use this product for a day or two for sunburn relief. This should work for you since it works for my husband, who has what I call "regular" skin, and doesn't burn easily.

Well, there you have it. The 2 products I have mentioned in my article are two sensational, wonderful products which make these two fascinating remedies work so well. I could talk about them all day, but you don't have all day. So, just try it. I am absolutely sure you will be comforted and relieved. Don't be miserable with your sunburn anymore!

Again, I have not tested these remedies on children. So, I recommend my remedies only for adults. I am no doctor, but sure have one very good sunburn remedy that works for me. I thought I would share it with you.

Note: The remedies described above are my own personal remedies that I use to provide relief and comfort and to help heal my sunburns. I do give my dad lots of credit for pushing me to try the vinegar. The After Sun part was my own liking after my husband brought it to my attention. What works for me may not work for everyone but it's worth a try. I hope you find relief from your sunburns as I have. Have a fun and safe summer!

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