Some Advice on Head Shaving

May 6, 2001

The Bottom Line Before you buy try several different types. You will find the best overall style for head shaving.

I am not a skinhead, nor am I a female folk singer from Ireland. I just shave my head because I think it looks better that way. I do this because I am a victim of male pattern baldness. My father was bald, both my grandfathers were bald, and my uncles were bald. My brother is balding. I shave my head, my brother combs his remaining hair creatively. Call it "personal preference."

If I didn't shave my head, I would have a head full of fuzz surrounded by a classic horseshoe ring of hair. I prefer the G. Gordon Liddy look to the Danny Devito look. Besides, I would look silly with a ponytail.

Anyone who shaves their head knows there are times that using an electric razor would be convenient. While I primarily use a blade, there are times when traveling, or when merely wanting a "touch up" that an electric comes in handy. The problem is, MOST electric razors don't work well for this task.

I have tried ALMOST every brand and model made, and here are my recommendations:

Forget about double headers and triple headers. The ONLY type that works well are single headed models. Rotary electrics don't work well either. When choosing a razor avoid those that have slack in the foil head. Since your head is harder than your face, you tend to press harder. If there is a lot of slack between the foil and the cutters you end up replacing a lot of foils.

Brauns and Wahls tend to work best. Rotary Norelcos don't seem to work at all, and Remingtons are somewhere in the middle. Some Panasonics can work well too. The Remington traveler model (one of the cheapest electrics you can buy) actually works pretty well too. My personal preference is for the Braun battery or cordless models that have the "twist cover." The Wahl works remarkably well, but tends to eat up foils. This can be very expensive.

It is dangerous to shave your head while driving and using your cell phone. Especially dangerous if you drive a 5 speed like I do. Do this at your own risk.

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