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May 8, 2001

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The Bottom Line Last Minute Teacher Gifts to Craft

School is almost over (the end of May for Kentucky school children) and I wanted to share some ideas for last minute teacher gifts.

Personalize a Ruler
Stain a 6" ruler and paint on 'Mrs Smith Rules'. Drill 2 small holes in each upper corner to add a wire for hanging or simply leave plain. This also works as a Christmas Ornament. Embellish with anything else you'd like - a small wooden apple or small wooden books.

Thank You Cards
If you have access to a computer publishing program try making some personalized thank you cards. Last year I printed a set that had a blackboard on the front with Thank You from Mrs Smith written in "chalk". The inside was blank for her to write to all the children who had sent gifts. I made matching envelopes and tied it with a ribbon. To further embellish the gift a pen and stamps could be added for presentation in a gift basket.

Miniature Black Board Sign
Using a simple miniature black board embellish with white paint a sign for their door. Some suggestions are:
Music Teachers are an Octave Above the Rest
Mrs Smith's Class
2 teach is
2 touch a life
4 ever
After you've painted the sign either drill a hole at each upper corner for a wire to hang or attach a picture hanger to the back.

Gift Mug
Another suggestion is to fill a big coffee mug with the following and attach a pretty card with the explanation:
Mounds candy bar: For the mounds of information you taught me.
Crayon: To color your day like you colored mine.
Gum: Because you stuck by me.
Puzzle Piece: Because without you, my year wouldn't have been complete.
Hugs and Kisses: Because you made it all worthwhile.
Cup: For when yours is overflowing.
Coffee or Tea: Because you deserve a chance to sit back and relax.
And any other personalized memento that may seem appropriate.

Personalized Clay Pot
Paint the saucer and pot in a pale terra cotta color and the top band in bright yellow. Once this is dry use a Sharpie magic marker and draw lines around the band to resemble a ruler. On the bottom portion of the pot paint the teacher's name. The pot can either be used to repot a nursery plant, or fill with flower seeds or stickers.

Use a school picture as a package gift tie.
I know I always seem to have left over wallet size photos.

Personalized Book Tote
For a class project have each child dip their hand in acrylic paint on a paper plate and make hand prints on a book tote. The name can be added by you. This project can be adapted for a T-shirt, sweat shirt or apron. Allow time for the paint to dry before turning over. And make sure the children's clothes are protected from the paint. It is permanent.

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